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Where There's Growth, There's Opportunity

A Case Study: Wheaton Montessori School


Wheaton Montessori School was founded in 2000 by sisters Elizabeth Berdick and Rebecca Lingo. Though the school has grown exponentially since their very first class of only 6 students, it remains an environment where students, past and present, create their school community’s culture.

Wheaton Montessori School continues to thrive and the traditions that date to their first handful of students continue today. Each child makes his or her...

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Content Planning Part Two: Creating a Topic List and Schedule


Content marketing and successful Montessori schools go hand-in-hand.


Taking the time to create and publish content that provides real value to your audience brings you one step closer to achieving key goals such as attracting more new families, increasing enrollment, and expanding the reach of your school.


But there’s a catch.


Sporadically posting content, no matter how valuable it may be, actually works against your goals, which is why it’s important to have...

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When Good Content Goes Viral, Your Montessori School Wins


Chances are you’ve heard the term “gone viral” in reference to a video, a blog post, or some other form of content shared online.


Like the name suggests, viral content is content that spreads rapidly (like a virus) by way of social sharing—which means it gets a lot of attention because a lot of people are viewing it.


What you may not realize, however, is how beneficial this can be for your Montessori school.

Viral content means more social shares, which...

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Content Marketing and Montessori Schools: A Perfect Pairing

Content Marketing and montessori schools - a perfect pairing.jpg

To say Montessori education is unique would only be a half-step in the right direction. The Montessori method is a paradigm-shifting educational revolution that challenges nearly every major educational convention.


From the multi-age classrooms to the role of the teachers as Guides instead of the source of all knowledge, the Montessori method is a complete departure from traditional education.


In fact, Montessori education can be so unique that it can be difficult for newcomers...

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Top of the Funnel Content: What it Is and Why You Need it

For content marketing to be successful, it’s imperative to first have a deep understanding of your audience. As a Montessori school, you are very familiar with your avatar, i.e. parents and families who are your target audience.

However, it’s important to also know where each individual prospect is in your sales funnel.

Here’s what I mean:

There are three levels of commitment and interest when it comes to families who visit your Montessori website.

  1. Top of the Funnel =...

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How to Plan Your Content for the Year

While the Montessori Method isn’t new, the way Montessori schools market themselves is ever-changing.

In our modern world of digital-everything, content marketing is absolutely essential to any Montessori school’s digital marketing strategy.

But it’s not as easy as writing a blog once a month.

In many ways, creating an effective content schedule is a lot like creating a lesson plan for a Montessori class:

It’s all about asking questions, considering what theories and...

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