A New Year of Montessori Blogging: Parent Education Blog Topics For Your School Website


A Great Goal For 2022

A great New Year’s resolution to help boost interest and enrollment at your Montessori school in 2022 is to create compelling blog articles for parents on your school website! Content marketing is a fantastic way to keep your website refreshed, help your SEO efforts, educate families on Montessori philosophy, and establish yourself as a thought leader in the Montessori space. 

I could easily go on for days about the many reasons you should be investing more time in your school blog, but as a digital marketer, I know it really boils down to the ultimate benefit: blogging is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. The more you update your blog, the more search engines will find to index and direct people to your website. When you have more relevant content on your website, search engines begin to recognize your website as a source of information. Businesses who blog receive 97% more links to their website from other online sources according to a HubSpot analysis. 

What Kind of Content Drives Traffic?

You should post a variety of content. It is very important to consider your website audience, most of whom are parents. Simply ask yourself the questions, What do parents want more information on? What do they need answers for?” More likely than not, you already know the answers to those questions! Parents are searching for answers, so when you are able to pinpoint these questions accurately and respond effectively through your blog content, you will be able to drive traffic to your website!

Let’s talk about ten of the most commonly asked questions that parents have about Montessori schools, parenting, and education and see how we can turn them into blog articles that will drive traffic to your school website: 

  • What is Montessori?
  • Montessori vs. Waldorf vs. traditional: what is the best model? (help me make a decision)
  • What are the benefits of Montessori? (Immediate and long term)
  • How can I overcome certain parenting challenges?
  • How can I introduce Montessori philosophy in the home?
  • Why is Montessori so expensive?
  • How can I set up a Montessori environment at home?
  • How well do Montessori children assimilate to new schools?
  • What is special about the Montessori curriculum?
  • What does freedom within limits mean?

Let us explore how these questions can lead to loads of great blog content for your school website.


What is Montessori?

What to Create: This question alone can become several different blogs on your school website. You can create a post on the history of Montessori, the core principles of Montessori philosophy, what a Montessori education looks like, and so much more! You can even make it a series of articles where you break down different elements of Montessori. Capitalize on this topic and create as many blogs as you can think of! It is also completely okay to recycle worthy blog content. 

Why This Content is Valuable: By answering questions about Montessori, parents are learning directly from you. This establishes you as a thought leader in the Montessori space for prospective parents, allows you to correct any misconceptions, and it helps educate more families on authentic Montessori. 

Things to Consider: When it comes to titling your blog, using a simple question is great. “What is Montessori?” in itself is a great title... and it is what parents are typing into Google! You also want to make sure you are including relevant media such as photos and videos. This helps make your content more valuable and appealing. 

Montessori vs. Waldorf vs. Traditional: What is the Best Model?

What to Create: This is a great opportunity to create analytical content! Create pros and cons lists, talk about how each education model is different, and focus on helping parents make a more educated decision on what they choose to pursue for their child. Compare, contrast, and share your observations and experiences from these academic models. Ultimately, parents want to hear what experts in education have to say about it. 

Why This Content is Valuable: Many parents feel overwhelmed by the various choices they have when it comes to educating their children. Many parents go through a research stage where they are comparing different models to find which one they like the best. When you have blogs like this on your school website, you are helping parents. In return, those prospective parents will have a deeper understanding of the differences between academic models. 

Things to Consider: You don’t want to come across as biased with this particular subject. It is best to simply list the facts and let parents make their own conclusions. Be sure to format your blog nicely as well! Use infographics, design comparison lists, and make sure to avoid large blocks of text. 

What are the benefits of Montessori?

What to Create: This blog topic is your time to shine! Really hone in and highlight all of the great benefits of Montessori. You can break it down into immediate benefits and long-term benefits. Show pictures of your beautiful environments, talk about the emphasis on independence in Montessori and elaborate on what characteristics children in a Montessori environment develop. It is also great to back up your claims with evidence by pulling quotes from studies and other articles. 

Why This Content is Valuable: Parents need to understand why it’s worth investing in their child's education. By showing them the true benefits of authentic Montessori, you are helping them to understand your mission and you are also justifying the financial and emotional investment parents are going to be making.

Things to Consider: This is the perfect topic to utilize testimonials! Collect alumni and parent stories and quotes so that you can support your claims with social proof. Consider including a video testimonial, quote, or image. 

How can I overcome certain parenting challenges?

What to Create: This can be a fantastic series of blog topics! Every time you have a parent in your community bring up a parenting concern, jot it down and turn it into a great article. Parents struggle with many challenges such as toilet training, use of technology, tantrums, power struggles... the list goes on and on! Each one can make a great post that can help current and prospective parents. 

Why This Content is Valuable: When you help a parent who is struggling with an issue, you become a sort of “voice of wisdom” to them! They can rely on your blog and information to help them navigate challenges. This is hugely valuable to parents. They will want to share your blogs with peers and celebrate the fact that they are not alone when it comes to these challenges. In the future when parents ask these questions, you can answer them with ease and let them know that you have a great blog covering that exact issue! 

Things to Consider: Offer solid solutions to parenting challenges. Parents want to know strategies that they can actually implement in their homes to help them with parenting. Make sure to have empathy, use an appropriate tone, and express that every child and parent is unique. These are recommendations and suggestions that can hopefully be of help. 

How can I introduce Montessori philosophy in the home?

What to Create: People are spending more time in the home due to the pandemic, so there are many parents who are more interested in understanding how they can implement Montessori philosophy in their home life. Discuss how parents can appropriately use elements of Montessori in their everyday life. 

Why This Content is Valuable: You can explain to families what Montessori at home should look like! Many families believe Montessori at home is setting up a smaller version of a Montessori classroom in their own home, rather than setting up their home to support the child in their home setting. You can explain how parents can adapt elements of the philosophy in a way that is actually helpful and beneficial to the child outside of their classroom environment. 

Things to Consider: Make sure you are using language that parents new to Montessori can understand. Look at the content with fresh eyes before publishing and make sure it is easy to read and understand. It is great to have a proofreader that can give you a second opinion. 

Why is Montessori so expensive?

What to Create: This topic can help you smash misconceptions about Montessori! There are many parents who have a perception or misunderstanding that Montessori is for the wealthy. This is a great opportunity for you to talk about the origins of Montessori, how it can be so diverse, and what sorts of programs your school offers to help families of all financial backgrounds. 

Why This Content is Valuable: This content allows you to speak up against misconceptions in the Montessori space. Talk about experiences at your school, your involvement in diversity, and how Montessori is for everyone. You can explain why it costs a certain amount to provide a true and authentic Montessori experience. 

Things to Consider: Make sure you really dive into the true value of Montessori and how Montessori is right for every child despite background. This is an opportunity to change minds and make things clear!

How can I set up a Montessori environment at home?

What to Create: This is your opportunity to help parents set up a home environment that will help them raise an independent child! 

Why This Content is Valuable: Imagine parents learning how to set up their home environment from trained Montessori experts instead of a “momfluencer” on Pinterest? It would be such a beneficial learning experience! Parents would come to understand that they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a Montessori space at home, making it accessible to many. 

Things to Consider: Utilize pictures, show setup examples, and let parents know where they can shop for items on a budget! The more helpful your blog is, the better. Help the parents with each element of the setup (except for the installation of course)!

How well do Montessori children assimilate to new schools?

What to Create: Parents who are looking at academic models may want to understand how Montessori children transition into the public school system. You can walk them through the steps you take to make sure students are well prepared to transition to a new school. 

Why This Content is Valuable: This blog topic can help parents feel reassured that they are making a good choice to prepare their children for all future school environments. 

Things to Consider: Make sure to use real life examples! If you have had students who moved from Montessori to public school, have them share their experience. 

What is special about the Montessori Curriculum?

What to Create: This is another great question that you can answer in a series of blog posts! Talk about your math, history, practical life, science, and cultural curriculum. You can touch upon special Montessori materials as well. There is so much content potential here. 

Why This Content is Valuable: Parents will learn about the Montessori curriculum. Parents want to know that their child will be challenged and will learn skills that will carry them through life. This reassures parents and gives them a peek into what an authentic Montessori education looks like. 

Things to Consider: Make sure to explain the curriculum simply. Using bullet points is great! If you have a graphic designer, then having some scope and sequence graphics can help you get your message across effectively. 

What does freedom within limits mean?

What to Create: Freedom within limits is one of the more commonly known Montessori phrases. This blog topic will allow you to elaborate on it and explain to parents what it means, what it looks like in practice, and the benefits of using this philosophy. 

Why This Content is Valuable: There are many parents who believe the misconception that Montessori children just do as they please in the classroom all day. This is your opportunity to explain that there are reasonable limits in the Montessori classroom. 

Things to Consider: Make sure that your content is readable and that the main takeaway is: Montessori is not a free-for-all! 

Great Blogs = Better Traffic! 

Parent education blogs make amazing content for your school website that is going to draw the traffic you need to boost your enrollment in 2022. Always remember to create content for your target audience. Parents have a desire to learn more about Montessori and they need guidance, reassurance, and support. Use your blog to do that and engage with your community!

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