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Montessori Website - Parent Education

A Montessori school website serves as the digital gateway to the world of Montessori education. While its primary purpose is to showcase the school, its programs, and provide essential information, it can also be a powerful platform for parent education. By offering valuable resources and insights, Montessori schools can empower parents to better understand and support their child's Montessori journey. There is value in this from a marketing perspective. A school website that provides opportunities for parent education can:

  • Help attract more mission-aligned families
  • Build credibility & trust with website visitors
  • Help families understand the unique benefits of a Montessori education
  • Allow families to understand the long-term benefits of Montessori which can help with retention

So, how can your Montessori school create powerful website content that provides opportunities for parent education? 

1. Montessori Philosophy and Principles: Clearly Outline The Benefits

Montessori Approach

One of the most valuable ways a Montessori school website can provide parent education is by explaining the Montessori philosophy and principles. This foundational knowledge allows parents to align their expectations with the unique approach to education that their child is experiencing.

A great way to do this is to include a page on the Montessori Approach. You can title it "What Is Montessori" or "About Montessori". Here, parents can learn the basics of the Montessori philosophy and approach... and they are learning about it directly from your school website. It's important to be purposeful with your writing here. Make this content approachable and easy to digest for those who may not yet understand or be familiar with Montessori terminology. Avoid large walls of text, use subheadings and images to make the content more dynamic. 

Why Montessori

Another great way you can quickly highlight the benefits of Montessori is to have a summary of why families choose Montessori directly on your Home Page. This is an effective way to point out the benefits of Montessori in a place where website visitors are sure to see it!

2. Program Information

Program Information

The way you outline your program information is crucial to building a strong school website that visitors want to explore. It's important to address what families can expect from a specific program as well as the benefits the child will receive. Here are some things to consider if your aim is to write program descriptions that educate families and help them gain insights into the value of what you're offering: 

  • What does this program offer (literally): Time, age range, environment, trained teachers/guides, curriculum, etc? 
  • What sets this program apart from others, how is it better?
  • What will a child in this program take away: Independence, confidence, social skills, language skills?
  • What comes after this program? Will the child be ready for the next step in their educational journey?

Provide just enough value to encourage families to take the next step, whether that's filling out an inquiry form or scheduling a tour!

3. Blogs & Articles


Having a school blog is a great way to build trust with visitors and establish your school as a thought leader in the Montessori space. By publishing regular blogs, your school can provide a valuable free resource to current and prospective families. Besides being great for SEO and keeping your website refreshed, school blog posts can help you build a more impressive school website that educates families. Here are a few of the benefits of having a school blog:

  • Demonstrating Expertise & Credibility: Consistent, high-quality blog content demonstrates the school's expertise in Montessori education. It showcases the school as a knowledgeable and trusted source for parents seeking Montessori programs.

  • Engaging with the Community: Blog posts encourage interaction and engagement with parents. They can comment, ask questions, and share blog content with their networks, expanding the school's reach and influence. Your Montessori school will also be able to share this content across social platforms to reach new families and spread the word about the benefits of Montessori. 

  • Providing Learning Opportunities: A well-curated blog page will provide families with a resource to learn more about Montessori education and Montessori parenting. This can help families understand your mission and live it. Be sure to publish blogs that answer FAQs about Montessori and parenting. Deliver value to families and write blogs they will want to read!

4. Lead Generators & White Papers

Lead Generators

Lead generators on a Montessori school website can play a significant role in educating prospective families about the school and Montessori education in the following ways:

Offering Valuable Resources: Lead generators often provide access to valuable resources in exchange for contact information. These resources can provide families with support in choosing the right school, information on the benefits of Montessori, and the overall compatibility between what they are looking for and your school programs. 

Encouraging Exploration: When prospective families engage with lead generators, they are more likely to explore the website further. In their quest to access the offered resources, they may navigate through various pages of the website, reading about the school's programs, teachers, and unique offerings. This exploration deepens their understanding.

Fostering Continuous Learning: By receiving periodic newsletters and updates through lead generators, prospective families can engage in continuous learning about Montessori education. These newsletters often contain articles, case studies, success stories, and practical tips for parents to implement Montessori principles at home. Once a family has handed over their contact information via a lead generator, you can send them newsletters with more educational content as well as email nurtures to encourage them to continue exploring Montessori and your program offerings. 

Montessori Quiz Lead Generator

There are a variety of ways that you can offer fun and dynamic lead generators throughout your school website. A few lead generators you can consider for your school website include: 

  1. Downloadable Montessori Guides: Ex. Is Montessori Right For Your Family?

  2. Webinars and Workshops

  3. Newsletter Sign-Up

  4. General Inquiry Form or "Request More Info"

  5. Interactive Quizzes

  6. Free Montessori Activity Ideas

  7. Montessori Blog Subscription

5. Parent Resource Page

Another great way to provide educational value to families visiting your school website is to create a parent resource page full of curated content that can help them on their Montessori journey. Here, you can answer FAQs, provide links to workshop recordings, Montessori videos, podcasts, articles, and offer Montessori book recommendations to families interested in learning more. 

You can point out this page to current and prospective families and encourage them to take a deeper dive into learning more about Montessori. Having pages that deliver educational opportunities such as this will encourage families to spend more time exploring your school website. When families commit their time to learning from the resources that you've offered or curated, they build trust and gain a deeper insight into your mission and values. 

A Montessori school website has the potential to be a rich source of parent education opportunities. By providing resources and insights into Montessori philosophy, methodology, and practical application, schools can empower parents to be active and informed partners in their child's education. Parent education is not just an added feature but a core component of fostering a strong and supportive Montessori community and building a school website that will grow enrollment!

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