Build Better Relationships, Save Time with Automated Email Nurture Sequences


Increasing enrollment in Montessori schools is all about relationship-building.


And relationship-building comes in many forms – it’s in the way you advertise on Facebook, it’s the information you post on social media, and it’s the way you communicate with new leads and interested families through email nurturing sequences.


This may sound like a lot of extra work, but with automated emails, it isn’t.


In fact, automated emails are a time-saving, effective way to connect with prospectiv…

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Lead Magnets Provide Value for Families and Help Grow Your Email List


People visit websites for three main reasons:


  1. They’re seeking information.
  2. They’re trying to contact you.
  3. They want to make a transaction with you.


For this post, we’re focusing on Number 3: transactions.


In many cases, a transaction refers to people purchasing products or services from a website. Even though you’re not selling a product, transactions, in the form of lead magnets, are still a valuable marketing tool of which Montessori schools should take full advantage.


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