Your website woes are over.

Running a Montessori school is difficult enough, you don't need the added headache of having to learn how to be a web developer.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Your website doesn't function well on a smartphone
  • You want to make a change to the site but can't figure out how
  • You have no idea how many people are visiting your website
  • You want to capture visitors’ email addresses through your website
  • You want to offer online tour scheduling
  • Your school's website went down and you have no idea why (or who to call)

Those days are over!

Your school deserves a website that works.

As website designers for schools — especially Montessori schools — we specialize in creating top-notch school websites that are both visually stunning and functional.

Built specifically for Montessori schools, our websites come complete with Montessori content and our Montessori Admissions CRM. We handle all of the maintenance for you. Our websites work hard so you don’t have to!

With almost 1,000 member schools, we have been given unprecedented access to the data and analytics of Montessori schools across the world. This amazing opportunity allows us to see what works best for building awareness, driving tours, and increasing admissions. 

A new website is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

1. Choose your theme

All of our themes can be completely customized, including colors, images, navigation, pages, and content.

2. Customize your site

Our team of web designers will customize your site and work with you to ensure that it reflects your school and creates the right first impression.

3. Launch!

Your subscription includes hosting, monitoring, updates, and support.

Seven Customizable Themes To Choose From

We will customize each theme to use your logo, colors, branding, content, and photos!

Theme #1

See Theme #1

Theme #2

See Theme #2

Theme #3

See Theme #3

Theme #4

See Theme #4

Theme #5

See Theme #5

Theme #6

See Theme #6

Theme #7

See Theme #7

  • Nido Marketing

    “We have had interest from more prospective parents since our new website went live last week than we have had in the last 6 months. Clearly, you know what you are doing (even if I don't), and I am so grateful for the new website build and all of your help. I know I have had a lot of questions and have asked for changes, and I totally appreciate your assistance and the incredible responsiveness.”

    Our World Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “Our new website has brought our entire community (staff and families) a restoration of pride in our school. There is something special about re-energizing school spirit amongst adults amid a pandemic. There’s also something special, from a business standpoint, about having a 98% increase in tours and interest in our school all because we made a choice. A choice to partner with Nido Marketing. Nido Marketing and their expertise helped us present the best of ourselves to the public and did so brilliantly.”

    Montessori Center of Our Lady

  • Nido Marketing

    “Since the new website has gone live we’ve had a significant increase in quality traffic, inquiries, and phone calls. We have one student enrolling today who entered our admissions funnel a week ago (right when the new site went live). I’m really excited!”

    Ivy League Montessori School

ADA Compliance

Why It Matters

In today’s world, the inability to navigate the internet is debilitating. And if your website isn't accessible to everyone, you’re effectively shutting out up to 61 million people, or one in four U.S. adults living with a disability. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make “reasonable modifications” to serve individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including the internet.

What are the Benefits of ADA Compliance?

  • Reduce your legal risk of an ADA-related lawsuit
  • Improve your search optimization
  • Improve your overall user experience

  • Position your school as one that values inclusivity

  • Reach a larger audience

All of our Websites Include AI-powered ADA Compliance Software


Let’s Get To Work!

Let us build you an entirely new website or simply migrate your existing website’s content and imagery to one of our themes.


Every Montessori Website Includes:

  • Complete with Montessori content
  • Designs to increase admissions
  • Integrated forms and contact lists
  • Online tour scheduling
  • Completely customizable
  • Unlimited updates
  • Easily make changes yourself
    • Safe and secure hosting
    • Maintenance and monitoring
    • Functions well on a smartphone
    • Fast loading times
    • Optimized for search engine visibility
    • Mobile responsive framework
    • ADA Compliant


No Setup Fee. No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.


Montessori Website


per month

A new website based on one of our website themes.

Montessori Thrive Membership


Montessori Website & Admissions CRM


per month

Includes a Montessori Website



Complete Marketing Plan


per month

Includes Montessori Website & Admissions CRM



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