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Attract the right families.
Grow your admissions.
With less time and effort.

Do you wish you had more families interested in your school?

  • Do you have openings in your programs?

  • Do you struggle with clearly explaining the benefits of Montessori education?

  • Do you wonder what successful Montessori schools are doing to improve enrollment?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by marketing?


We can help.

As a Montessori school administrator, you’re busy enough with the day-to-day running of your school. Finding time to focus on marketing and clearly communicating the value of Montessori education to prospective parents can be a struggle.

But it doesn't have to be.

Nido Marketing has helped Montessori schools just like yours attract the right families and grow their admissions with less time and effort.



Right now, a local family is researching Montessori online for their child.

Make it easy for them to find your school.

How we help.

A Website that Works for You

A compelling website and admissions CRM software that educate prospective parents and bring mission-appropriate families to your door.

Engaging Montessori Content

Blogs, emails, photos, and social posts designed to define your school as a thought leader in your prospective parents' inbox and social feeds.

World-Class Online Advertising

Google and Facebook ads expertly managed by Solutions 8 (our parent company) — the agency that wrote the book (literally!) on Google ads. 

How it works.

1. Request your free consultation

We’ll discuss your school and put together a plan to grow your admissions.

2. Apply it online

We’ll build your website and put your marketing plan into action.

3. Watch your admissions grow

When you attract the right families, your school will thrive.

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido Marketing is an amazing company that is dedicated to supporting Montessori schools around the world with a wide variety of marketing - from social media to website design and technical support as well as weekly coaching calls. It's always hard to find marketing dollars in a small school budget, but Nido is the best investment you can make. This isn't a provider, this is a partner.”

    Crystal Lake Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “Since the new website has gone live we’ve had a significant increase in quality traffic, inquiries, and phone calls. We have one student enrolling today who entered our admissions funnel a week ago (right when the new site went live). I’m really excited!”

    Ivy League Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “We've been super impressed with the variety of services they offer to meet our needs, including website management, email campaigns, social media and blog posts. It's hard to keep up with the evolving trends and demands of digital marketing while running a business, and Nido Marketing has made it very easy for us to rely on them to navigate this territory!”

    Aldea Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “As an established Montessori School in Houston that was new to marketing, Nido has been extremely helpful in the entire startup process while communicating and educating us along the way. With so many resources for schools, Nido seems more like a community that is eager and ready to help you than just a marketing company. Highly recommend!”

    Northwood Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “We began to work with Nido Marketing about a year ago, after hearing glowing reviews of their company at an AMI conference. We could not be happier! This organization is exceptional in every way - timely responses, excellent content knowledge and nimble/quick to find solutions. I would highly recommend that you also use their services. Nido, thank you for all that you do for us! Above and beyond even what we contracted for.”

    Chesterfield Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “Knowledgeable, creative, proactive, and professional, our school community owes so much to Nido's expertise. They have helped as more than a marketing company; Nido is a thought partner, counselor, and guide to addressing the complexities of this era and beyond. Thank you!”

    Montessori School of Evergreen

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido Marketing has been a great resource for our school. They've helped us grow and improve our marketing in a way that makes sense for us. Their team is eager and ready to help and they do so quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!”

    Countryside Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido has been just what we were looking for as a marketing team!!! They are the complete package. The customer service and communication couldn't be better. Anytime I have a question or need something fixed on our website, they are quick with an answer or a solution. I couldn't be happier.”

    Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido marketing has been fantastic. The resources and support from the team is extremely valuable. Our school community has enjoyed the weekly blogs and emails. The added support of the website service is great as well. For administrators who are not strong in marketing, this is a no brainer.”

    Community Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido Marketing is a life saver! I don't have time to become an expert on online ads and understand the best strategy to help families find our school. Nido handles everything for us, stays on tops of trends, and is always improving our advertising effectiveness. We've had over 200 families visit our school in just four months. Definitely a worthwhile investment!”

    Mission Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “We knew we needed a responsive team willing to have honest and forthright dialogue that allowed us to expand our minds as we partnered together to serve children. Enter Nido Marketing! A team that stands behind their work and customer service. Our new website has brought our entire community (staff and families) a restoration of pride in our school.”

    Montessori Center of Our Lady

My name is Matt Hillis and I am the Co-Founder of Nido Marketing and the Executive Director of the Bergamo Montessori School in Sacramento, California.  I know that running a school is overwhelming at times. Since 2004, I have developed online marketing strategies to grow my school. The result?  Our school has grown exponentially to nearly 500 children

I started Nido Marketing to share what I have learned with you. We are the only marketing agency in the world founded by a Montessorian to focus exclusively on Montessori schools.

As you know, admissions is the key to leading a vibrant Montessori school.  If you’re ready to attract more potential parents, schedule more tours and increase admissions, click below to get started.

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