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"We help Montessori schools grow using proven solutions that have been tested in our own Montessori schools first."

— Matt Hillis
Executive Director, Bergamo Montessori School
Founder, Nido Marketing

COVID-19 Resources

In an effort to help Montessori schools worldwide, Nido Marketing has collected resources to help address the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources include a "Montessori at Home" video series, a Parent Handbook, and related documents. We are also hosting weekly "Town Hall" meetings to assist schools in answering the difficult questions associated with this situation.

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Attention Montessorians: You Are Not Alone


My name is Matt Hillis and I am the Executive Director of the Bergamo Montessori School in Sacramento, California.  Our school was founded in 1975 by a passionate Montessorian who, for decades, led a small but mighty program for children from Primary through Elementary.

Like you, she struggled with doing it all - working with guides, interfacing with parents, giving tours, and doing all the “little things” that are the day-to day reality of running a Montessori school.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, click "read more" below to continue...

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido Marketing is an amazing company that is dedicated to supporting Montessori schools around the world with a wide variety of marketing - from social media to website design and technical support as well as weekly coaching calls. They've been incredible. I email my rep with questions about anything and everything because he has so much experience and can link me to a resource for just about anything my school needs.”

    Crystal Lake Montessori School

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido marketing has been fantastic. The resources and support from the team is extremely valuable. Our school community has enjoyed the weekly blogs and emails. The added support of the website service is great as well. For administrators who are not strong in marketing, this is a no brainer.”

    Community Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “Nido Marketing is a life saver! I don't have time to become an expert on online ads and understand the best strategy to help families find our school. Nido handles everything for us, stays on tops of trends, and is always improving our advertising effectiveness. We've had over 200 families visit our school in just four months. Definitely a worthwhile investment!”

    Head of School, Mission Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “We don't have to try and tailor a general marketing plan to fit our school. It already fits our school.”

    Head of School, Wheaton Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “What a gift! Thank you! I have found everything about Nido Marketing to be such an eye opener!”

    Head of School, Lupine Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “Sometimes we don't even know what questions we have about marketing and your material creates the question and answer in one step!”

    Head of School, Mountain Shadows Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “Since the new website has gone live we’ve had we've had a significant increase in quality traffic, inquiries, and phone calls. We have one student enrolling today who entered our admissions funnel a week ago (right when the new site went live). I’m really excited!”

    Owner, Ivy League Montessori School