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Montessorians: Increase Your Visibility with Organic Social Media Posting


I’m going to be a bit blunt here:

Instagram is not a magic ticket. Nor is it the most important component of digital marketing. And while we’re at it, effective social media marketing takes a lot of time, strategizing — and in most cases, money.

I realize we’re not off to a great start here! It’s not that I’m trying to talk you out of social media marketing, it’s that I want to be very clear about where it fits for a Montessori school.

If your one...

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Call Tracking Metrics: What it Is, Why We Use it, and How it Benefits Your Montessori School


With more and more conversions happening over the phone, calls have become a key measure for tracking digital marketing success.


Nowadays, smart businesses are utilizing innovative call tracking tools to find out which of their advertising efforts are getting results and using that information to optimize their digital marketing strategy for an even better return on investment. 

Guess what? Your Montessori school is no exception.

As you know, our goal at Nido Marketing is to...

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Search Marketing and Optimization for Montessori Schools: Tips from SEO Consultant Michael Cottam (aka The Best SEO Consultant in the World)

Tips-from-SEO-Consultant Michael-Cottam.png

Search engine optimization.

What does it really mean when it comes to making sure your Montessori school gets found online?

As it turns out, quite a lot. 

We recently had the opportunity to speak with SEO Consultant Michael Cottam in a live coaching call session, during which he shared with us his top three “Pro Tips” for making sure your Montessori school is a web search rock star.

The truth is, there’s so much misinformation out there in the world of SEO, it can be...

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You Need a Redirect Page for Completed Forms, Here’s Why...

First, congratulations! You have a form on your Montessori school’s website.

Whether it is for prospective parents to schedule a tour, download a brochure, or just learn more information — your school is now accessible to a wider audience.

In other words, you’re bound to bring in more prospective families than you could’ve before.

But you’re not done there.


You Must Have a “Thank You” Redirect Page…

After your prospective parent...

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Montessori Digital Marketing Fundamentals Part One: Building Your Foundation


Like most Montessorians, you want to help your school grow and reach its full potential.


With that goal in mind, some of your biggest objectives are reaching more prospective parents, increasing enrollment, and maintaining a full tour schedule so you can be ready to welcome new students as others graduate.


Now for the good news:


You can achieve all of this and more with a good digital marketing strategy—as long as that strategy is built on a solid foundation.


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Calendly for Chrome: Schedule Every Appointment Right from Your Gmail!


School tours, parent phone calls, vendor meetings.

Do you ever stop to think about how much of your day is spent trying to schedule things?

For most Montessorians, the answer is a lot.

Lucky for you, part of our job here at Nido Marketing is to find the tools that make your life easier—and it just so happens that Google recently released one of those tools.


Calendly for Chrome is a new extension from Google that lets you integrate Calendly with your Gmail account.

That means no...

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Content Planning Part One: Defining Your Audience and Goals


Like the time you spend planning and preparing each Montessori lesson, planning your content marketing strategy is also time well spent.


As you may have read in our previous blogs about the benefits of planning your content for a year of digital marketing, a vital part of this preparation is clearly defining your audience and your goals for the year ahead.


We want to discuss these two important content planning steps in more detail, so you know what questions to ask and what to...

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Vanity Metrics: How to Use Them to Your Advantage


Sometimes it may seem like we’re introducing you, our fellow Montessorians, to a new, digital marketing concept every time you log in to read the Nido Marketing blog.


There may be some truth to this; we may be guilty as charged.


But it’s truly important and valuable to explain these concepts and ideas so you can gain a deeper understanding of how what you do (or don’t do) to market your school online, can make a big difference in your bottom line — your...

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The Montessori Family avatar


The Montessori Family avatar


What is an avatar?


A Montessori family avatar is a representation of your ideal, mission-appropriate family. While there will be common denominators across all Montessori schools, every school’s avatar is unique.


A Montessori school in Albuquerque is going to have a different avatar than a Montessori school in San Francisco which will have a different avatar than a Montessori school in New Delhi.


In many cases, a school will have...

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Why Every Montessori School Should Take Advantage of Google Apps (aka G Suite)


Sometimes it seems like we throw a lot at you.


How to create this, how to use that, why you should always be doing this.


At times it can feel overwhelming (especially considering digital marketing isn’t your first language) but we promise there is a method to our madness.


While there are plenty of marketing solutions out there that might help your Montessori school shine online, our goal at Nido Marketing is to provide the solutions we know will help you.



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