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Why Content Marketing Works So Well For Montessori Schools


To say Montessori education is unique would only be a half-step in the right direction. The Montessori method is a paradigm-shifting educational revolution that challenges nearly every major educational convention. From the multi-age classrooms to the role of the teachers as Guides instead of the source of all knowledge, the Montessori method is a complete departure from traditional education. In fact, Montessori education can be so unique that it can be difficult for newcomers to grasp at first…

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How Call Tracking Benefits Your Montessori School Marketing


If you are spending some of your marketing budget on paid advertising, it makes sense to understand what marketing channels are the most successful at producing leads and enrolled families for your Montessori school.

Tracking phone calls plays a vital role in determining which ads are performing well. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about call tracking...

montessori marketing budget

What is call tracking?

Call tracking software allows us to determine how callers found your school. Marketers (lik…

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How The Prospective Parent Experience Can Increase Your Enrollment!


As a school leader, you work with parents daily. It is essential to understand their needs, speak their language, and know where and how to reach them. In the marketing world, we would call this understanding the parent experience. Great marketers obsess over this. Every detail is considered. 

For prospective parents, searching for a school, researching options, touring, applying, and enrolling, are all part of a larger journey that will transform them from prospective parents into (hopefully) …

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10 Things Great School Leaders Do To Start The School Year Off Strong!


For many school leaders, the summer months provide some much needed time for rest and catching up. As the start of the new academic school year approaches, it is important to start getting organized so that you can feel prepared for everything the year will bring. 

We've put together a list of 10 things successful school leaders do before the first day of school. Each one is important and will help you kick off your year with a strong start!


1. Take Sufficient Time To Rest And Disconnect


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5 Things That Can Help With Staffing At Your Montessori School

Montessori Guides

We Know It Is Hard To Find Montessori Trained Guides 

Staffing is currently a challenge for many Montessori schools. We know that several schools are finding it difficult to find experienced, trained guides. There seems to be a scarcity of workers across industries, but the decline has been particularly large amongst teachers and educators. 

Montessori guides are essential to a well functioning Montessori environment. It can be overwhelming when school leaders and administrators have to overco…

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Observation & Consistency: Why Montessorians Already Have What It Takes To Run Great Google Ads!


We Know Google Ads Can Be Intimidating... But They Don't Have To Be!

As digital marketers in the Montessori space, we know that Montessorians are not experts when it comes to pay-per-click ads. We are here to tell you that you don't have to be a marketing expert in order to run successful paid digital advertising campaigns that will reach the right prospective families and increase your enrollment year upon year. You just need to be observant and consistent... which, fortunately, are qualities …

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5 Reasons Good Photography Can Make All The Difference For Marketing Your Montessori School

montessori photography

The aim of digital marketing for Montessori schools is to reach the right prospective families and get them to enroll their child at your school. Photographs can capture the true essence of your school, tell a story to prospective parents, and show what a high-quality Montessori education looks like.

Good photography is also a versatile component of your digital marketing strategy and provides many benefits:

  • They catch the eye of a prospective parent
  • They allow parents to imagine their own …

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Planning One Year Of Great Montessori Blog And Social Content

parent on computer

As a Montessori administrator, we know that you wear many hats. Your to-do list probably goes on for days, and it's not likely that posting on social media or publishing a school blog takes priority on that list.

As digital marketers, we are here to tell you that there is a lot of value in maintaining an updated blog and posting regularly on social media... and with good planning, it doesn't have to take too much time on your to-do list!

The answer is planning! Planning content in advance is s…

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Using Social Platforms To Advertise Montessori Jobs

In this article, we outline how you can advertise job listings across different platforms.... for FREE. Using these strategies, schools can increase their exposure to the “open to work” community, while also raising awareness about career opportunities in the Montessori space!

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St. Peter’s Montessori School: How One Of Our First Clients Turned Their Website Into An Admissions Powerhouse!


Key Insights:

  • Founding Nido Marketing Member
  • Montessori CRM
  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Automation
  • Content Services

About St. Peter’s Montessori School


St. Peter's Episcopal Montessori School is founded on two solid and long celebrated traditions, the Episcopal Church and the Montessori curriculum. 
They have a long and committed history in Phoenix's west valley. Their church and school were established in the early 1960's and grew and changed as the local community of Litchfiel…

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