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How To Share Photos Online Safely & Privately

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As parents become increasingly aware of the downfalls of public photo sharing and posting online, it is important for school administrators to have a photo-sharing platform that parents feel good about. Documentaries such as Netflix's "The Social Dilemma" along with countless news stories and studies have lead to a heightened awareness for online safety. As a school director or administrator, it is good for you to have an alternative, private photo sharing option for parents who still want pictu…

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Calendly: Let Parents Schedule a Tour Online, for Free


If you’re looking for a quick win for your Montessori school’s marketing, this is the blog for you.


We’ll be discussing Calendly, a software that allows parents to schedule a tour online for free, with automatic follow-up and rescheduling, completely eliminating the need for manual scheduling.


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The Problem

If you are like most Montessori schools, you manually schedule tours. Someone in your office has the unfortunate task of scheduling, confirming, remindi…

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