5 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for your Montessori School


A blog is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. It’s one of the most effective ways to grow awareness while providing relevant and helpful information.

And, lucky for us, it is especially suited to Montessori schools!

Here are five reasons why.

1. A Blog Engages and Educates Parents About Montessori

From multi-age classrooms to the role of the teacher as a guide, Montessori is a departure from traditional education. In fact, Montessori education is so unique that it can be difficult for newcomers to grasp at first.

By offering regular blog articles that dive into the how, why, and what of Montessori, you’re helping parents understand this amazing method of education.

Most prospective parents are motivated to learn everything they can about a school, but they want to do research on their own before they pick up the phone or schedule a tour. This gives Montessorians a unique advantage. In an ecosystem where parents are given time and relevant information to make a long-term, value-based decision, Montessori typically wins!

The key, of course, is making sure you have effective blog content on your website. When a parent engages with you online, make sure you are equipped to help them travel the entire length of the Montessori buying journey on their own.

2. A Blog Establishes You as a Knowledgeable Expert

When you post regular blog articles, you showcase your expertise in Montessori education as well as parenting and child development. Montessori goes deep when it comes to understanding the nature of children.

Parents will realize that there is something refreshingly different going on here compared to other schools. They learn that they can rely on your school to help guide them through the wild and wonderful world of parenting, because you’ve established yourself as an expert. In short, it builds trust, which is the first step to forming a supportive community for your school.

3. A Blog Grows Community Awareness of Your School

Your Montessori website is the hub of your school’s online presence and a primary way that prospective parents are introduced to your school. If you have a well-designed website, then once a parent lands on your site there’s a good chance that they’ll engage with you. But how do you draw them to your site in the first place?

You guessed it! A blog is one of the most effective ways to entice parents to your site.

When you regularly publish valuable new content in the form of blog articles, it gives you the opportunity to repurpose that content to draw in new parents. With each blog post, you can send a compelling message to your email list that encourages them to click through to read the blog on your site. 

You can post about the blog on your social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram. Most parents are already on social media platforms; so, posting your content to social media (where there is already a full audience) will draw them to your website. With great blog articles, your posts will be liked and shared among parents, effectively growing community awareness of your school. 

4. A Blog Encourages Parents to Explore More on Your Website

Your blog posts are the ideal place to encourage parents to dive deeper and spend more time on your website. 

For example, a blog post about Montessori math through the levels could include links to each one of your program pages, as well as to other blog posts about specific Montessori math materials. The key is to look at every blog as a jumping off point to another page on your site and to include the appropriate links. 

As long as you are linking to relevant pages using text links that make sense to your readers, your blogs are the most effective way to get parents to spend more and more time exploring your site. And the more they explore, the more likely they are to reach out to learn more.

5. A Blog Improves your Search Rankings

Regularly blogging with high quality content improves your search rankings. Just having a great website is not enough. Google rewards sites that publish consistent, informative content that provide actual value to visitors. 

The key here is that the posts need to be consistent and relevant. If you post new, quality content frequently, you increase your chances to rank even better the next time Google checks out your website.

Easy Enough, Right?

...Well, until it comes to planning, creating, posting, sharing, and measuring the content performance. While digital marketing, and content marketing specifically, will raise awareness of your school and bring prospective families to your doors—it takes a lot of work.

Did you know Nido Marketing specializes in digital marketing and content for Montessori schools?

Our weekly blogs engage and inspire parents with articles about child development, parenting, Montessori, children’s book lists, and more. Written by a trained Montessori guide, it’s like having a writer on staff! Additionally, we provide weekly emails and Instagram posts with photos to broadcast to your audience, as well as daily social posts to keep your school in your parents’ social feeds with valuable insights.

The best part? We will post all of this content for you! 

Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss how to grow your admissions with content marketing.


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