Case Study: Nido + Renaissance Montessori


How RMS Used Nido’s Second Plane Membership to Increase Enrollment


About Renaissance Montessori School

RMS was founded in 2002 with the goal of bringing authentic Catholic Montessori environments to the greater Manassas, Virginia area. We began this work with one Primary of just seven children in a converted garage. We have since expanded to serving children ages 18 months to 15 years in our Toddler, Primary, Elementary and Middle School programs.

Why RMS Joined the Nido...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Parent Enrollment Life Cycle

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Parent Enrollment Life Cycle.jpg

You may not think about it every time you welcome a new student into your school, but the journey a parent takes from interest to enrollment is an important one.

For example, what encourages them to take that initial step from visiting your website to requesting tuition information or scheduling a tour?

What makes them choose to submit their application to your Montessori school instead of another school in the area?

And when they walk their child through the door on that first day, what...

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Fundraising: Raise More Money with Intention



We can all agree this is an area of discomfort for most Montessorians, yet a necessity to keep our doors open.

To make things more challenging, many Montessori schools are smaller nonprofits with limited bandwidth. And those Montessori schools that aren’t nonprofits also face fundraising challenges for specific initiatives.

So, we’re left wondering how we can possibly extend ourselves in our fundraising efforts when we have so many other things on our plate.


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This Thursday we welcome Paula Lillard Preschlack to talk about building parent relationships and connecting them to your mission!

Hi Montessorians,

We know how challenging it can be to find the magic key to building strong parent relationships. The truth is, every school community is different and what works for one school may not work for another. Our guest this week will talk to us about building parent relationships and connecting them to your mission, the ultimate key to a thriving, reliable community of families.


Paula Lillard Preschlack is a dedicated Montessorian who, like many of us, wears many...

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HOS Bonnie Shearer joins us this Thursday to discuss staffing our school's with quality, trained staff! News You Can Use 5/7/2019

Hi Montessorians,

Here is this week's News You Can Use! 



  • For last week's coaching call Liz and Izzy joined us and gave a quick tutorial on Transparent Classroom, as we learned about its capability to make you and your staff's lives a lot easier. My favorite part is how this tool helps us connect with parents through various, easy-to-use avenues so we can continue to build their trust in us! If you missed the call and are wondering about this platform, you can view...

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Transparent Classroom folks are with us this Thursday! News You Can Use 4/30/2019

Hi Montessorians,

It's the last day in April! Here's this week's News You Can Use. 



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Kathy Minardi and George Markham join us this Thursday! News You Can Use 4/23/2019

Hi Montessorians,

We hear often about the challenges of working with a limited marketing budget. Kasim wrote a great blog called "What Should a Montessori School Spend on Paid Advertising Channels". Check it out here

If you haven't yet joined our private Facebook group, now is the time to do it! We check in periodically via FB live and post often about new happenings and interesting topics of interest. Members can post questions and start great conversations. One recent question...

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A team from the Montessori Institute of North Texas joins us this Thursday to discuss their new course: Montessori Core Principles. News You Can Use 4/16/2019

Hi Montessorians,

We are so sorry about the technological glitches from last week! 




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Kathy Minardi from Whole School Leadership Institute joins us to discuss the leadership programs available! News You Can Use 4/9/2019

Hi Montessorians,

Here is this week's News You Can Use, with a fresh new image from your Nido team members! 




  • During last week's call Matt Hillis answered questions from live attendees. We discussed why data should drive your marketing decisions, how collecting prospects email addresses can help build your enrollment, and record-keeping for your guides. You can watch the recording here.

  • For this week's conversation we have another special guest!...

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Our founder Matt Hillis joins us again for a live call this Thursday! He's ready for your questions - News You Can Use 4/2/2019

Hi Montessorians,

It's April! The time for planning for the 2019-2020 school year is here. Hopefully you're finding yourself with a long waiting list for spots next year, but if you're not, be sure to check out our member's section filled with resources. We have plenty of white papers, articles, coaching calls and conversations, and courses that are meant to support you along your marketing journey. Don't stress, we got you!



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