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Google Tag Manager Changes the Marketing Game Plan for Your School


Marketing your Montessori school in today’s digital world is a challenging assignment.


I’m willing to bet it’s probably opened up doors you didn’t even realize existed, to new worlds that include avatars, AdWords, and marketing funnels.


And, let’s not forget trackable links.


...Which makes everyone think of Google Analytics, which of course makes us all think of Google Tag Manager.


Who’s still with me? Anyone?


Let’s see if I can explain the essence of Google Tag Manager so…

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Targeting on Facebook: Make Sure the Right People See Your Ads


In previous blogs we’ve talked about why Facebook Ad targeting is important for your Montessori school—reasons like getting your ads in front of your intended viewers, increasing click-through rates, finding ways to reach new audience segments, and so on.


Now that you have a pretty good handle on the “why,” let’s talk about the “how.” In other words, we want to share a few quick tips about how to get it right.


So, let’s get started!


From your Facebook Business Manager account, go to …

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Does Google Know You Exist? Boost Your School’s Online Visibility with Google Search Console


Marketing your Montessori school—and doing it successfully—has everything to do with visibility.


Your school may have an amazing website with lots of great information, but how much good is it doing if people can’t find it?


Then again, how do you know if people are finding your site?


And if they aren’t, what can you do to improve your content so more people can find it? Good news: there’s a free (yes, free!) service out there that helps you do just that.


It’s called Google Search…

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Facebook Ad Campaign Tracking: Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics


Here we go again, talking about things like metrics and campaign tracking when all you want to do is enjoy a few free minutes in your day.


We know how rare those are, Montessorians!


But hear us out; this simple piece of marketing advice might just get you closer to your ultimate goal—which, in our experience working with Montessori schools, is to enroll more students.


With that goal in mind, you may be thinking about incorporating some form of paid advertising into your digital marke…

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Google Alerts: Get Notified if Your Montessori School is Mentioned


Sometimes the most powerful marketing tools are the ones that don’t cost a thing.


Google Alerts is one of those tools.


The free online service from Google notifies you in real time when words, phrases, or topics relevant to your Montessori school show up online.


Why does that matter? A few reasons.


But first, let’s look at how to set up an alert. (It’s super easy.)


Just go to and you’ll see a search box with the words, “Create an alert about…”


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5 Ways to Increase Your Enrollment with Digital Marketing


There are so many educational options available for families today that many private schools struggle to increase enrollment.


This can be particularly challenging for Montessori schools, especially if you feel like your marketing efforts are intrusive in some way.


However, if increasing enrollment is your goal, then it makes sense to change the way you think about marketing your school. Instead of “bugging” people with your marketing efforts, think about how you’re educating interested…

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MailChimp for Montessori: Automate Your Follow-Up to Save Time and Generate Interest

MailChimp for Montessori Automate Your Follow-Up to Save Time and Generate Interest

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:


Marketing your Montessori school is not as complicated as you may think.

Nowadays there are innovative tools and services available for every budget to simplify the marketing process and give businesses the opportunity to grow and be successful.


One of those tools is MailChimp, a marketing automation platform and email marketing service that can help you reach more prospective parents, stay connected with your current families, and increase a…

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Elementary Programs and Marketing: A Conundrum

Elementary programs and marketing: A conundrum

Paid marketing channels have been truly amazing for early childhood at Bergamo Montessori School. The ability to find and place mission-appropriate families has enabled Bergamo to scale the school to over 500 students and four locations.


As you can imagine, marketing played a large role in that process. However, it isn’t a magic bullet. In fact, the success that Bergamo saw with Infant, Toddler, and Primary programs didn’t carry through to the same degree when attempting to use the same mar…

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Making Your Website ADA Compliant in 2018

Making Your Website ADA Compliant In 2018

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by President Bush twenty-eight years ago this month, giving all disabled Americans individual rights protections similar to those that had been previously granted minorities when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed.


Simply put, the ADA guarantees that people with disabilities enjoy equal access to things like public accommodations, employment, transportation, state/local government services and telecommunications.


And, in…

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What Facebook’s big change means for Montessori Schools


If you haven’t heard, Facebook announced a pretty massive change in the way it plans on delivering content. You can read the full post from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg here.


Please keep in mind that everything you may be hearing about what this change means is speculative. That includes this blog. I’m offering you my best guess based on nearly 12 years as a digital marketer.


I have lived through my fair share of algorithm updates and have learned quite a bit from them. Chief among thos…

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