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Avatar: Get Specific with Your Marketing and Save Money


Congratulations! We’re excited that you’re taking the first step toward marketing your Montessori school to attract more families and increase student enrollment.


Before you can really dive in, there are a few critical questions to consider: :


  • How can you reach the right audience?
  • Is your advertising budget being used to connect with parents searching for schools for their young children?
  • Does your marketing plan include an avatar?
  • Do you know what an avatar is in terms o…

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Why You Shouldn't Have Your Tuition Rates on Your Website

Why You Shouldn't Have Your Tuition Rates on Your Website

Following location and teacher qualifications, one of the very next things parents look for when perusing your school’s website is tuition. How much will it cost for them to provide the best Montessori education for their little ones? Can they afford it?


Of course, this is important information that you need to provide to the parents and guardians of prospective new students, but not at first glance. Instead, why not offer tuition rates in exchange for contact information from families expr…

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The Montessori Marketing Funnel Map: A Proven-Effective Approach to Increasing Enrollment

The Montessori Marketing Funnel Map A Proven-Effective Approach to Increasing Enrollment in the New Year

Anyone who’s been involved in sales or taken a marketing course knows that sales funnels are nothing new.

The concept is simple:

  1. Draw prospective customers (families) into the “top of the funnel” with interesting content (like blogs and videos about the Montessori Method).
  2. Keep them engaged once they’re in the “middle of the funnel” with more thorough resources about your school (think fact sheets and targeted emails).
  3. Hopefully, these prospective families stay interested and engaged, arri…

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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Why Going Digital Costs Less with Better Results

Traditional vs Digital Why Going Digital Costs Less With Better Results

It’s hard to believe there was a time before the World Wide Web. But here we are, roughly a quarter of a century after its invention, and who can remember a day when we couldn’t just “Google it”?


Not surprisingly, a lot of things have changed since the world was first introduced to the vast “web” of information we now rely on every day. One of the biggest changes has to do with how businesses promote themselves to attract and engage potential customers.


In other words, marketing.



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Why we can’t afford to be afraid

Why we can't afford to be afraid

As of this writing, Nido Marketing is approaching 100 members. I can’t begin to express how proud I am to announce that. During our soft launch late last year, we only expected 10 to 20 sign ups. We are absolutely overwhelmed by such a positive response. Thank you to everyone for your interest and support!


During the launch, we offered new members a free consultation call to see how the Nido team could help craft a go-forward plan for their marketing. Many members scheduled the consultation …

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Trackable links: Powerful (and easy) website tracking that you've never heard of

Trackable links - Powerful (and easy) website tracking that you've never heard of

Have you ever:

  • Felt frustrated by the lack of clarity in your website analytics data?
  • Known that your social marketing was effective but not sure exactly which part?
  • Wished you knew which marketing efforts produced the best tours?


It’s incredibly frustrating to try to make major decisions without accurate and specific data, especially when it comes to online marketing. That’s why tracking should be a critical piece of every Montessori school’s marketing strategy.


In fact, how seri…

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Cost Per Enrollment: Know This Number and Win at Marketing


Marketing has changed.


You no longer have to advertise as broadly as possible in hopes that your school enrollment increases as a by-product.


Now, you can track (down to the penny) how much each new enrollment costs you and where you should direct your budget to reap the best results.


That’s the magic number: your cost per enrollment (hereafter referred to as CPE).


Knowing this number will allow you to reliably increase your Montessori school’s enrollment through digital marke…

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Lead Magnets: Why No One Wants Your Newsletter (and What to Do Instead)

Lead magnets - why no one wants your newsletter and what to do instead


Or to say it more accurately prospective parents looking for a school to educate and develop their child to reach their maximum potential are not interested in signing up for your newsletter.


They need you to solve a problem or give them some kind of value.


If you don’t (or if it isn’t obvious to them that you do), that prospective parent will quickly disengage and look somewhere else.


I’m sorry to be s…

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All You Need to Know About Montessori School Marketing

Beyond billboards, pamphlets, and bumper stickers, there is much more you can do to market your Montessori school and provide exposure so that your message can reach to prospective parents. In today’s date, it is simply not enough to build a great Montessori school to attract parents. The earning capacity and value of such an establishment generally depends on two things: the quality of education and how well you market your school to your prospective customers.

Unfortunately, great marketing r…

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Tell It to Me Straight: What Is Digital Marketing?

For those of us who work in the wild world of digital marketing, we don’t think twice about the buzzwords and abstract terms we throw around.


Lead generation.



To the average, sane person, these terms don’t really mean anything. Even worse? The term “digital marketing” itself is just as elusive and mysterious.

What is digital marketing? Bare bones, stripped down, and jargon-less. What is it?

Let’s break it down:

First, What Is Marketing?

Basically, marketin…

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