Meet The Nido Marketing Team In Nashville At The AMS Conference!


Will you be attending the AMS Conference in Nashville this year? If so, this is your chance to talk to Montessori Marketing experts from the Nido Marketing team about how you can grow your enrollment! Nido Marketing is excited to be presenting at this year's conference. We will be there to connect with school leaders, give away some free resources, and answer all of your Montessori Marketing Questions! 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Catch Our Administration Workshop on Friday, March 18th at 10:15-11:15 a.m. 


Nido Marketing's Executive Director, Camille Campbell, will be presenting on Friday morning! Finding and connecting with prospective parents online is the key to a modern, thriving Montessori school. This workshop shows you how to create an online presence for your school, build relationships, educate your community of interested families, and grow your admissions through digital marketing. Don't miss it!

Meet Our Team In Person!

We'll be at the conference from March 17th to the 19th to meet you, answer your questions, and offer you some free resources and goodies! Come and find us. Here is who you'll be meeting and how we can help! 

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Camille Campbell, Executive Director

Camille loves helping Montessori schools grow and thrive through strategic, effective, and efficient digital marketing. She brings a unique perspective with her background in Montessori administration, high-tech, marketing, and design.

Prior to joining the team at Nido Marketing, Camille co-founded Hollis Montessori School in 2008. She wore many hats, including board member, parent, and ultimately Assistant Head of School and Admissions Director. She utilized digital marketing and automation to successfully grow her school from the ground up. 

Camille has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and professional training in Graphic Design. In addition to her role as a school administrator, she has worked as a software engineer, web developer, and graphic designer. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and has two adult daughters who attended Montessori school.

Camille will be able to answer any and all questions you have when it comes to digital marketing! She is our fearless leader, strategist, and an incredible Montessori Marketing expert! Camille also oversees all of the school websites designed by Nido Marketing, her experience in this space is truly valuable. Feel free to ask her anything!

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Micel Aragoncillo, Client Success Manager

As Nido Marketing’s client manager, our clients look to Micel to help them be successful. With a background in tech support, he takes the time to understand our schools and their needs and goals. He says the best part about his job is being able to help clients learn more about digital marketing and Google Ads, and he enjoys continually expanding his own knowledge to find solutions.

Micel lives in Davao City, Philippines, enjoys traveling and says one of his favorite places is El Nido (!) on the island of Palawan in his home country. 

Micel will be able to help you with any questions about Google Ads, our FREE Montessori CRM, and much more! As a Client Success Manager at Nido Marketing, Micel has worked with several school administrators to make sure they are happy with ad and website performance. He is happy to answer your Montessori Marketing questions and help you find ways to grow your enrollment!

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Camila Campuzano, Community Manager

Camila is passionate about connecting like-minded Montessorians with one another on a variety of online platforms, so they may find the tools they need to be successful. Her work at Nido Marketing ensures that Montessorians have a place to connect, ask questions, and exchange resources.

Before joining the Nido Marketing team, Camila grew up in and around Montessori. She attended Northwood Montessori School and spent her summers volunteering at the school. She loved working with younger children and often assisted teachers and school administrators with the inner workings of running a non-profit organization. Camila went to university in New York City where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communications with a specialty in Social Media and Public Relations.

Camila will be able to answer any questions you may have on building your school's presence on social media platforms. She also oversees the Montessori Thrive resource collection and forum, a space for Montessori leaders to exchange valuable school resources and find leadership support. Camila plans Nido Marketing's weekly Montessori Town Halls, a space for Montessori school leaders to connect, discuss important leadership topics, and hear from thought leaders in the Montessori leadership space. Ask her how you can get involved!

If You Can't Come To Nashville, Watch Our Live Stream From The Conference!

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We will be hosting a live Town Hall from the event!

Ask Us Anything!

Thursday at 12:30p CST

Join the Nido Marketing team as we stream our weekly Town Hall live! Ask us your marketing questions! If you can't make it, feel free to submit your questions to us below and we will answer them during our livestream.

Submit Your Question To Our Live Town Hall

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

As a special offer for event attendees, Nido Marketing will be giving away some freebees and promos! Come find us to get some free resources for your school, see how you can get our Montessori CRM for FREE, and get some additional goodies from our team. We can't wait to connect with you and discuss ways we can help your Montessori school grow and thrive!


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