Direct Mail | News You Can Use 08/22/2018

I'm really excited about this week's News You Can Use! We'll talk about one of my favorite topics so far - direct mail!


Last week's coaching call was very informative and full of great tips to manage your school's facebook page and engage prospective and current families.

This week's coaching call is sure to be just as great! We will be discussing direct mail and why it is still relevant and effective in today's digital world. Don't miss it!

Another shout out to Montessori Academy of Ne…

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Your Facebook Presence | News You Can Use 08/15/2018

The new school year just around the corner! I have a few tips for you to start your year off on the right foot and set yourself up for success.


  • Join us for this week’s coaching call about your school’s Facebook presence. We’ve had a handful of questions about this, so we’re excited to cover this topic. Bring your questions and ideas to the call! You can register here.
  • Last week’s coaching call we talked about lead intake best practices. We covered the major questions about nurturing you…

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Because we love when our members rock it!

At Nido, we love to hear and share success stories!

Today we received word that Kim and Tracy at Montessori Academy of New Jersey landed 5 new enrollments since they started with us in May. You all are rockstars!

The conversions from tour to enrollment came through our Google and Facebook ad campaigns. We are so happy for you Kim and Tracy! Please join us in congratulating our fellow Montessorians on an incredible milestone. Also, when you get a chance check out their website.


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Lead Intake Best Practices | News You Can Use 08/08/2018

Fall is upon us and soon our halls will be bustling with excited adults and children ready to begin a new school year!

With staff trainings, classroom preparations, new families to welcome, and back to school nights, your marketing strategies can take a back seat this time of year. But I believe this is a prime time to take a look at these strategies and vamp up your longterm goal so you have a solid plan for the year ahead.

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You’re Invited: Matt Hillis to Speak at Montessori Innovation Summit in Sydney


Calling all friends in the land Down Under!


We’re excited to announce that our very own Matt Hillis will be speaking at this year’s Montessori Innovation Summit in Sydney, Australia this October.


What is the Montessori Innovation Summit?

The Montessori Innovation Summit is a special two-day conference that takes place on October 3 and October 4, 2018.

Montessori experts from around the world will gather to speak about the latest innovations in Montessori schools.

Program highlights in…

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Time to talk about Google Ads! | News You Can Use 8/1/2018

I'm really excited about this week's News You Can Use!


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How Often Should You Really Post to Facebook? (Here’s a Hint: At Least Every Day)


Post too much, and you seem spammy. Post too little, and your audience forgets you exist. So, how do you find just the right balance on social media?


Posting to Facebook is a valuable and essential piece of your Montessori school’s digital marketing plan, but it can also be rather confusing.

  • Where do you begin?
  • Is your content relevant for your particular audience of parents and families?
  • How many times should you post to Facebook each day? (Should you post to Facebook each day?)
  • Do…

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