Google Alerts: Get Notified if Your Montessori School is Mentioned


Sometimes the most powerful marketing tools are the ones that don’t cost a thing.


Google Alerts is one of those tools.


The free online service from Google notifies you in real time when words, phrases, or topics relevant to your Montessori school show up online.


Why does that matter? A few reasons.


But first, let’s look at how to set up an alert. (It’s super easy.)


Just go to and you’ll see a search box with the words, “Create an alert about…”



Choose the topic you want to follow and another box will pop up that says “Enter email.” Type in your email (you don’t need to have a Gmail account) and click the button that says “Create Alert.”



Take it a step further and set an alert for the name of your Montessori school to see when and where you were mentioned. Maybe you won an award or held an open house event that got a lot of attention.


Good press like that makes a great addition to future marketing materials like social media posts or email blasts. You can even set specific alerts for your website and blog to see who is reading and sharing your content.


Finally, Google Alerts gives you a heads up when someone else shares a piece of your content online—say, a video or a blog post. You can acknowledge them by sending a quick thank-you or even include a link to their site in a future post.


Why would you do that? Simple: this type of networking is a great way to build relationships with other businesses and boost your online visibility.


  1. It gives you interesting content to share.

 Blogs are a great way to drive more traffic to your Montessori website, but searching for topics can take time you may not have in your already packed day. Try using Google Alerts to search for you.



Set alerts for relevant terms such as early education, preschool, and child development. Not only will it help you stay ahead of the curve and strengthen your position as a source of knowledge in the Montessori community, but you will likely find inspiration for all kinds of new content.


Unlike a typical Google search, Google Alerts draws from the most current results and pulls information from a wide range of sources to expand your search parameters.


  1. It helps you track your advertising campaigns.

 A lot of Montessori schools run ads to encourage enrollment and promote tours, and guess what? Google Alerts is a great way to see how much attention those ads are getting. Start by setting alerts for key headlines or phrases featured in your ad content.



Along those lines, if you notice there is a particular video or blog post on your site that seems especially popular, think about ways you can use that content in other elements of your marketing strategy to further increase your online visibility.


Google Alerts also lets you track your press releases without having to use a paid service to do it. This perk is definitely worth taking advantage of, for example in the case of new Montessori locations announcing their grand opening and enrollment.


Again, just enter the headlines or snippets of text and to see which media outlets picked up your press release.


Want to take it a step further?

 The experts at Nido Marketing can show you even more nifty things you can do with Google Alerts. After all, our passion is helping Montessori schools grow and thrive through the power of digital marketing.


Become a member today and take the first step toward attracting even more new families to your school and increasing enrollment.




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