Facebook Advertising Success: Targeting - News You Can Use 3/15/2018

Hello fellow Montessorians,
Matt Hillis here with another installment "news you can use!"
I have two hot tips for you this week: 
  • Our most recent blog is on a topic that is critical to Facebook advertising success: Targeting. This blog goes through the importance of using Facebook's targeting in a way that ensures you're targeting families that are mission appropriate. You can read more here.
  • For our Second Plane members and above: if you have ever struggled with the …

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Lead Magnets, "Must-Haves", And More... News You Can Use 3/09/2018

Hello Montessorians!
I hope all is well with you and your school!
I have TWO (not three!) tips for you this week.  But here is the good news:  both tips are awesome :)
  1. Check out this new blog post on our site which details the 16 "must have" have elements you need on your school's websites.  This post is a comprehensive deep dive and one of the most valuable pieces of content we have written.  And... you can implement them all for little or no money!

    These elements are the co…

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Local Listings, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics | News You Can Use 3/1/2018

Hello Montessorians!
I hope you are doing well.  This is your weekly "News You Can Use" from Nido Marketing! 


  1. When is the last time you checked the accuracy of your local listings?  Did you know that there are over 60 local listing services that you need to check?  And, if they are incorrect it may be hard for prospective parents to find you online? Overwhelmed?  Don't be.  We've got your back.

    Check out this nifty, free tool on our website that will do all the heavy lifting for yo…

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Google Alerts & Google Maps | News You Can Use 2/22/2018

We had a great time at the AMI Refresher Course last weekend and enjoyed visiting with several of you.  We learned a lot about the different issues facing schools all around the country, which will help refine the services we provide to our members.

Will you be at the AMS Conference in Denver this March?  We will!  We would love to sit down with you to discuss the specific needs of your school.  Feel free to schedule a time to meet with us in Denver here.
Three tips for you this …

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How Often Should You Really Post to Facebook? (Here’s a Hint: At Least Every Day)


Post too much, and you seem spammy. Post too little, and your audience forgets you exist. So, how do you find just the right balance on social media?


Posting to Facebook is a valuable and essential piece of your Montessori school’s digital marketing plan, but it can also be rather confusing.

  • Where do you begin?
  • Is your content relevant for your particular audience of parents and families?
  • How many times should you post to Facebook each day? (Should you post to Facebook each day?)
  • Do…

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Our blog received 1400+ shares in 5 days...and we didn't have to write it

Hello to the Nido Community!
Here is some "News You Can Use" for January 23, 2018.
I have three tips for you this week:
  1. Re-enrollment contracts will go out for many of us in the next few weeks.  How are you sending these out?  Mailing them to parents?  Handing them out in car line (gasp!)?  Save time and hassle by sending the contracts out via DocuSign.  It allows parents to review and sign legally binding contracts on a phone, tablet or computer.  The signed contracts are sent…

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What will you do when (not if) your website goes down? - Weekly Update from Matt Hillis



The children have returned to school from Winter Break here in Sacramento and we are as busy as ever.  How are you doing in your neck of the woods?


Here is my weekly video blog to provide you with a birds eye view of everything happening at NidoMarketing.com.  



Blog Post of the Week - "Why We Can't Afford to Be Afraid"

Kasim (my partner and co founder of Nido) wrote a thought provoking piece on our blog.


In the few short weeks that Nido has been live, we have surpa…

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