Online Reputation Management | News You Can Use 08/29/2018

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  • Last week's call we had a great conversation about direct mail. In a digital world this is often overlooked and underestimated. If you missed it, be sure to watch the recording as we give practical advice on what, how, and why direct mail is worth your investment!
  • This week's coaching call we will discuss online reputation management. Whether you're a brand new school looking to build a good foundation in your community or you're a veteran school with a solid following, reputation management is imperative to the future success of your school. Join us as we talk about online reviews, how to respond, and all things related to your online reputation!
  • We were intentional in our decision to call our weekly time together "coaching calls." We want to provide guidance and support in the vast world of marketing and growing your school, but we know that coaching is a two-way street. While we bring specific topics to discuss every week, we welcome your questions, comments, and ideas as we continue to grow our online community of Montessori schools. If you have ideas, questions, or seek support with a specific topic, please reach out to Daneen, our new community manager at and she will be sure to respond promptly with a plan of action or even just words of encouragement as you navigate your marketing plans!
  • A quick shout out to Wheaton Montessori School for sharing with us last week that they have a waiting list for the upcoming school year. How exciting! While I'm sure a lot of the credit goes to Wheaton Montessori School's quality programs, our collaborative work has proven to be a successful partnership. We are so excited for you Wheaton Montessori School!

I'm looking forward to talking with you during our coaching call! See you tomorrow at 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern! Don't forget to register here:


-Matt Hillis


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