Lead Intake Best Practices | News You Can Use 08/08/2018

Fall is upon us and soon our halls will be bustling with excited adults and children ready to begin a new school year!

With staff trainings, classroom preparations, new families to welcome, and back to school nights, your marketing strategies can take a back seat this time of year. But I believe this is a prime time to take a look at these strategies and vamp up your longterm goal so you have a solid plan for the year ahead.

  • Last week's coaching call we covered Google Ads, the highest performing marketing channel for Bergamo. It was filled with great tips, so if you weren't able to make it check it out!
  • This week's coaching call we are talking about lead intakes. How do we best manage people that reach out to our schools from a variety of avenues to ensure the likelihood they will enroll? We're discussing strategies and best practices for prospective phone intake, facebook and google ad leads, and how to keep track of it all.
  • I'm also happy to announce we've added my list of negative key words for Google, which took me three years and a whole lot of wasted dollars to figure this out. Find it here and please use this as a resource as it is sure to save you time and money!

Lastly, I will be presenting in Australia at the Montessori Innovation Summit in October and would love to meet some Nido members there!

Don't forget to register for this week's coaching call here. I hope I see you there. We love hearing your questions and comments!

-Matt Hillis

We host weekly coaching calls every Thursday at 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern. To register, please visit: http://nidomarketing.com/coaching 


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