Your Facebook Presence | News You Can Use 08/15/2018

The new school year just around the corner! I have a few tips for you to start your year off on the right foot and set yourself up for success.


  • Join us for this week’s coaching call about your school’s Facebook presence. We’ve had a handful of questions about this, so we’re excited to cover this topic. Bring your questions and ideas to the call! You can register here.
  • Last week’s coaching call we talked about lead intake best practices. We covered the major questions about nurturing your leads, so if you weren’t there be sure to check it out.
  • Our September social content is up and ready. Written by a trained Montessorian, Nido offers monthly emails, blog posts, and white papers to second plane member. Check them out here

I’m looking forward to talking all things Facebook tomorrow at 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern.

To register, please visit:


See you there! -Matt Hillis


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