Lead Magnets Provide Value for Families and Help Grow Your Email List


People visit websites for three main reasons:


  1. They’re seeking information.
  2. They’re trying to contact you.
  3. They want to make a transaction with you.


For this post, we’re focusing on Number 3: transactions.


In many cases, a transaction refers to people purchasing products or services from a website. Even though you’re not selling a product, transactions, in the form of lead magnets, are still a valuable marketing tool of which Montessori schools should take full advantage.


Here’s how lead magnets can provide added value for your web traffic and help you grow your email list.


What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially something you offer for free to a website visitor in return for information, such as their name and email address.


We’ve all seen and participated in the lead magnet process. We’re browsing a site for a product when a window pops up saying something like, “Join our email list and save 15% off today’s purchase!”


In most cases, if we’re going to buy the product anyway, we sign up and provide the website with our contact information in exchange for the coupon, because who doesn’t want to save 15% off their purchase?


The “magnet” is the offered discount; the “lead” is our willingness to offer valuable information for the company’s benefit: our name email address.


We’re happy to take that chance because it usually means email notifications of special offers and more discount coupons in the future – something of value in exchange for our information.


Why are lead magnets so valuable to your school?

The more people that spark an interest in your Montessori school and are inspired by your work, the more they return to your website. The more loyal online audience you build, the more effectively you grow your school.


When prospective parents are inspired to sign up for your email list in exchange for something of value, you gain even more opportunities to convert them into visitors of your school, rather than just visitors of your website. When they visit in-person, their chance of enrolling their children increases.


Ultimately, lead magnets are valuable to your school because they increase your opportunities to convert website visitors into enrolled students.


So, as a Montessori school, how can you take advantage of this concept?

Of course you want to grow your email list because that helps you potentially grow your enrollment. What can your school offer potential families that is of value to them, so they’re willing to sign up in exchange? What’s your magnet that secures the leads?


What is your compelling, irresistible call-to-action?


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of lead magnets you can offer potential parents, but don’t be generic. Instead, offer specific information pertinent to your school or the overall Montessori experience.


A good place to start to generate lead magnet ideas is to think of questions or concerns many parents have when they consider a Montessori school education for their children. How can you help answer these questions or solve a problem for them?


Some examples of compelling Montessori call-to-actions include:



  • Know your child’s learning style? Take this quiz to find out.
  • What’s your parenting style? Take our quiz.


Answers to common questions about the Montessori philosophy:

  • Montessori FAQs: A parent’s guide to understanding Montessori
  • 10 misconceptions about Montessori schools


A downloadable ebook about the Montessori philosophy.

A PDF of current tuition rates at your school.  


The possibilities to create effective lead magnets are as creative as you are. Maybe you have a special event coming up, or you have a booth at a local festival and you can offer a lead magnet like:


“The first 20 people to sign up for our email list get two tickets to [event]!”


Lead magnets of these sorts offer instant gratification to highly-qualified parents who are actively seeking information about your school and the Montessori education. As a follow up, you send them valuable emails welcoming them to your community, establishing a relationship, and providing them with even more value. They become invested, loyal followers – one of the first steps in growing your enrollment.


Want to learn more and get access to online Montessori-specific marketing courses – like one of our favorites, “Lead Magnets: Bring Value to Website Visitors and Generate Interest (a step-by-step guide)”?


Join our community today. We’re here to help you. Schedule a free consultation with the Nido Marketing experts.


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