How Starfield Montessori School in Lagos Nigeria Transformed Their School Website with Nido Marketing


Key Insights

  • Helping schools on a global scale
  • Montessori website design
  • Automations
  • One-on-one support
  • Enrollment Increase

About Starfield Montessori School

starfield mission and vision

Since its founding in 2011, Starfield has offered quality, effective, and an emotionally safe Montessori learning environment to students. Their aim is to prepare children for a lifetime of creative thinking and a love of learning. They have set out to provide a nurturing and encouraging learning environment that helps to develop each child's individual academic abilities. In order to develop the full potential of the individual student, they believe in embracing their core values of responsibility, respect, independence, curiosity, integrity and imagination. 

Located in Lagos Nigeria, they are proud to offer a quality Montessori education to their local community. They offer programs for Toddler, Primary, and Elementary aged students. With a foundation of excellence, their graduates emerge with essential knowledge and problem-solving skills for future success in high school, university, and the challenges of the 21st Century.

Nido Marketing is proud to partner with the best Montessori schools... on a global scale! When Starfield Montessori reached out to us for marketing support, we were excited to work with a school abroad. Our aim was to help them show their community how transformative Montessori could be and encourage more families to enroll!

Why Nido Marketing

Nido Marketing Logo Website 2

When Starfield Montessori reached out to Nido Marketing in 2020, their number one priority was getting a great new website up and running. They knew the importance of having an easy-to-use and well-designed website. 

At the time, they had 96 students enrolled at their Montessori school with a goal of doubling their enrollment to 200 students. Nido Marketing was excited to accept this challenge and help Starfield build a website that would attract local families and encourage them to enroll in their programs. It was exciting for Nido Marketing to enter a new market space from across the world. 

Starfield trusted Nido Marketing because of our unique knowledge of Montessori. As the only digital marketing agency dedicated only to Montessori schools, we offered unique insights into website design, automation, SEO, and reaching mission-appropriate families. We knew that with a new website and automation to power their admissions process, a boost in enrollment was possible for this school in Lagos Nigeria. 

Building A Website That Reflected Starfield's Creativity

Starfield Montessori Customizations

When we partnered with Starfield, we came to understand creativity was one of their most important core values. They wanted a website that communicated their love of fostering creativity amongst their young students. Websites are so important because they are often the first impression prospective families will make of your school. 

Knowing this, we made sure the website development team worked closely with Starfield to fully customize their website to their liking. Customizations can help make school websites stand out and feel like a welcoming experience for the visitor. 

Let's take a look at some of Starfield's customizations:

  • A great new logo
  • Consistent graphics and colors throughout all web pages selected by Starfield
  • A layout that was fun, interactive, and functional
  • High-resolution photos and videos throughout their website
  • Custom forms and automation for prospective families to engage with
  • Consistent fonts and text throughout the website

We worked closely with the team at Starfield to make sure their vision was carried out and they got a website they were proud of. 


We work very closely with schools to set up automation for their website. As part of our Montessori website package, Starfield Montessori received access to our Montessori CRM (Client Relationship Manager). This allows us to place several forms throughout the website so visitors have the ability to engage with the school, make conversions, and schedule tours. The automations are designed to help parents move along the admissions funnel... learn, request a tour, apply, and enroll!

So what are some of the automations that we've included on Starfield's website through our CRM?

Starfield Tour Scheduling

Automated tour scheduling. This allows families to schedule a tour whenever they want directly on Starfield's website. It invites families to take the next step in a way that is easy and convenient for them. 


General Inquiry Form. This form is an automation we like to include on all of our school websites. It allows interested families to hand over their contact information so they can receive more details about programs and what your Montessori school has to offer. What's great about collecting leads this way is that you can set up an email nurture to run behind the scenes to educate families, check in with them on their school search journey, and encourage them to come in for a tour. This form helped Starfield Montessori collect important lead information.


Montessori Admissions Funnel. By using our Montessori CRM, Starfield was able to keep track of all of the leads coming in through their website forms. At a glance, they can see where each lead is on their admissions journey. This made check-ins and follow-ups easier! The best part is, each school can customize their own funnel to fit their admissions process, create custom tags, and move leads along accordingly. 

Here's a look at everything accessible to Starfield with our Montessori CRM:

  • Parent Contact Manager
  • Automated Emails 
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Custom Admissions Pipeline
  • Unlimited Online Tour Scheduling
  • Email & SMS Text Messaging
  • Custom Email Marketing
  • Task Manager
  • Unlimited Users
  • Monitor Google Reviews

One-On-One Support

When Nido Marketing partners with Montessori schools, we provide one-on-one service that is easily accessible and readily available. Each school is paired with a Client Success Manager. We do this to make communication easy and accessible. You will always be talking to a person, not a bot. Starfield received personal assistance from their Client Success Manager who oversaw the production and maintenance of their school website. This helped with peace of mind! It also allows schools to have a point of contact in case they want changes or updates made to their website. We take pride in our team's responsiveness and ability to get all schools accustomed to their new school website and our CRM. We are also confident that all of our websites are designed in a way that schools can easily go in and make changes themselves if needed. We want your school website to be accessible to you!

“Excellent service. Very helpful and responsive. Thank you Nido.”

Itohan Eigbe, Director of Starfield Montessori school

Enrollment Growth

Enrollment Increase

We are confident that all the websites we help schools build are equipped with the best tools to grow enrollment. Here's what we offer on all of our school websites:

  • Complete with Montessori content
  • Designs to increase admissions
  • Integrated forms and contact lists
  • Online tour scheduling
  • Completely customizable
  • Unlimited updates
  • Easily make changes yourself
  • Safe and secure hosting
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Functions well on a smartphone
  • Fast loading times
  • Optimized for search engine visibility
  • Mobile responsive framework
  • ADA Compliant

Since our partnership with Starfield Montessori began in 2020, they are happy with the enrollment increase they've seen in their school community. We hope that with their great new website, they'll be able to attract more prospective families to enroll and join their impressive programs. 

We hope to continue partnering with the best Montessori schools across the globe. It is our mission to help Montessori schools anywhere grow their enrollment, reach the right families, and share Montessori's love of learning with future generations. We look forward to a continued partnership with Starfield Montessori school. 

Want Your School To Be Next?  

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