North Shore Montessori School Filled Their Program With The Help of Nido Marketing


Key Highlights

  • Montessori School Website
  • Automated Tour Scheduling
  • Automated Forms 
  • Montessori CRM
  • Montessori Content
  • Montessori Thrive Resources


About North Shore Montessori School (NSMS)

North Shore Montessori School was established in 2013 by Head of School, Tracy Theisen and a small group of parents who were seeking authentic Montessori. They humbly began with one Children's House classroom, and have graciously grown to a warm community with five classrooms serving children 20 months - 6th grade.

Their mission is to provide authentic Montessori education as the pathway to an emotionally and intellectually fulfilling life.

The NSMS difference:

  • Montessori Education for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School, Grades 1 through 6
  • Spanish language and culture exposure for all students at all ages
  • A spacious, light-filled, organized, and clean building in Glendale, conveniently located off of the interstate and 5 minutes from the heart of Milwaukee.
  • Full Montessori-based curriculum and teaching methods at all levels
  • Beautiful and maintained outdoor areas for children to extend their learning.
  • AMI certified teachers with a dedication to NSMS and the community at whole.
  • Ongoing professional development for teachers

North Shore is a pillar of their community serving several local families by providing them with high quality and authentic Montessori. Nido Marketing is pleased to partner with NSMS for their marketing needs.  

Why Nido Marketing?

NSMS was looking for a marketing service that understood their unique value in order to help them reach the right prospective families. They knew that they could run their programs best when they were full! Nido Marketing was the right fit. Our special knowledge on building websites suitable for Montessori schools with automations and content appealed to NSMS. 

It was also valuable to them that they would be working directly with a Client Success Manager — someone who understood their school, was a consistent point of contact, and could guide them and assist them with customization so that their website could always be a great reflection of their school. We started a partnership with NSMS in 2019 and we hope to continue!

NSMS Website

Building A Beautiful and Effective Montessori School Website

We understand the importance of a great school website. It is the foundation of a school's digital marketing strategy, and how many prospective families form their first impression of a school. We wanted to help NSMS build a website that they could be proud of as well as one that would help them manage admissions and market to their prospective families. 

NSMS Testimonials

Website Aesthetics

We always aim to create a website that is visually stunning, like Montessori classrooms. We work with each Montessori school to make sure the branding is up to standards, the colors are consistent, and the information is easy to navigate. When NSMS partnered with us for their website, we provided: 

  • A fully customizable website template
  • High quality images and logos
  • Graphic design
  • Expert web developers 

Through a beautiful website, prospective families were able to form a great impression and learn more about the programs that NSMS provided as an AMI Montessori school.

NSMS tour scheduling

Website Functionality

Montessori websites should be beautiful... but they should also be functional! We pride ourselves in building websites that allow prospective families to learn more about Montessori and for schools to collect important contact information so that they can market their schools. Some functionality features our school websites provide include: 

  • ADA compliance software so that schools can make their websites more accessible
  • A website that is compatible across devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.)
  • Customizable forms that can help families schedule a tour automatically, submit application forms online, download forms, and more
  • Automations that allow parents to submit payments and make donations
  • Lead generators that allow schools to collect important contact information

School websites by Nido Marketing are marketing tools. We know that ease of use and accessibility are important. We made sure that NSMS had a website that would be easy for parents to navigate, simple to engage with, and that would lessen the manual work load on their end!

NSMS Content

Website Content 

Every Montessori school website should engage and educate prospective families. We included plenty of Montessori content throughout the NSMS school website to help them inform families about the unique benefits of Montessori. Our Montessori content includes:

  • Montessori blogs written by an experienced Montessori guide
  • Program information
  • Access to our Montessori Stock photo library with Montessori specific images that schools can use on their websites, ads, and more

Content marketing works so well in the Montessori space. It's important to show families what authentic Montessori is, why it is so beneficial, and what they can expect from it. This is why we provide concise and strategic content for Montessori schools. 

Automated Forms: Easy Registration Leads To A Full Program!

It's not a surprise than when things are easier to do, they get done more quickly! That's exactly what happened when we helped automate program registration on NSMS' website. We worked with NSMS to build out a page for their 2023 Summer Program registration so that families could easily sign their children up!

NSMS Summer ProgramNSMS Form

All of this information comes through on the Montessori CRM that organizes registrations and contacts behind the scenes. This means less manual data entry, less time spent in front of a screen, and more families signing up! Nido Marketing works with schools to help them set up automations and get the most out of the CRM software. NSMS worked with our Client Success Manager to make sure their website was up to their standards and to ensure that their automations and online forms were working perfectly. 

"It has been a pleasure working with Micel specifically - he has helped streamline our summer programming registration and familiarize myself with the Montessori CRM to keep track of enrollment. For our school, the greatest success with Nido's partnership has really been overhauling our website and making it much more informative, interactive, and aesthetically captivating. We have set up access for prospect families to schedule a tour via our website, and we have a regular stream of interest and our programs are filling a lot faster than last year since I have taken on this role and worked directly with Nido."

-Sarah Dosmann, Enrollment Specialist at NSMS

NSMS was also able to fill up their Morning Primary program! This is great news for them.


Montessori Thrive Resources: Providing Support & Community

Leading a school is not easy. This is why we created an online community that serves as a safe space for school leaders and administrators, as well as provides resources that help them market and operate their schools. Montessori Thrive provides:

  • A weekly town hall where school leaders can discuss leadership topics over Zoom
  • A private school leadership forum
  • A resource collection and exchange where schools can look for, request, and submit resources

We think its important to support schools beyond marketing. Community is valuable and every school leader should have a safe space they can go to in order to connect with others, ask important questions, and find support. 

"As a newer employee to the North Shore Montessori School in the position of Enrollment Specialist, I have found that our school's partnership with Nido Montessori has made my transition so smooth. I am able to access a plethora of valuable information via Montessori Thrive, the weekly town hall meetings, and the periodic Parenting sessions offered."

-Sarah Dosmann, Enrollment Specialist at NSMS

Everything has really come together wonderfully for NSMS. When we help schools with their marketing, we know that they will have more time to serve and dedicate themselves to the families within their community. That's why we love what we do!

We hope to have a continued partnership with NSMS for years to come and continue to help them grow their school and reach more prospective families. Thank you to NSMS for all that you do for Montessori and for future generations!

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