5 Reasons Good Photography Can Make All The Difference For Marketing Your Montessori School

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The aim of digital marketing for Montessori schools is to reach the right prospective families and get them to enroll their child at your school. Photographs can capture the true essence of your school, tell a story to prospective parents, and show what a high-quality Montessori education looks like.

Good photography is also a versatile component of your digital marketing strategy and provides many benefits:

  • They catch the eye of a prospective parent
  • They allow parents to imagine their own child in the classroom environment
  • They can be used across platforms, from social media and blogs to your school website
  • They serve as content that your school can use for years to come
  • They are content that you own and don’t have to pay to use in the future

Believe it or not, good photography on your school website can lead to an increase in conversions. Let’s look at the reasons why in more detail...

Classroom Photography for Blog

1. Good Photography Raises The Perception of Quality and Professionalism

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is because visuals are so powerful when it comes to storytelling. Captivating photographs that accurately show your beautiful Montessori environments are an effective marketing tool for your Montessori school. Parents can imagine their child in your classrooms and might be swayed to schedule a tour to see the school in person.

Having bad pictures can have the opposite result. If a prospective parent visits a school website that has blurry photos, photos that are clearly dated, or very few photos... it can leave them questioning the professionalism of the school. This could make them more hesitant to schedule a tour or inquire about your school. 

Material Photography

2. Photographs Are Very Versatile 

Any digital marketer knows that you need good content for effective marketing. Having access to high-quality photos that you own is super important. Stock photos can only go so far. It is very valuable for a Montessori school to have access to their own photo library of Montessori materials, students at work, students with guides, etc. 

These pictures can be used for Montessori blogs, social media posts, school brochures, and most importantly... your website!  

3. Photographs Help To Increase Your Website Traffic

Photographs and videos help with SEO efforts as well. They not only help to make your website more compelling, they help make your website more visible to the right families! A website with photographs can receive up to 90 percent more traffic than a website without photographic content. This is because images actually help the SEO value of a website. When you use images, the use of alt tags and descriptions helps search engines understand what is on the page and matches it to the right searchers. Ultimately, having good imagery helps search engines understand what your website is all about and who it is relevant to!

If you use good photographs in your blogs, this can help them become more visible in searches as well! It also makes the content on your website so much more engaging. 

Montessori Photography for Marketing

4. Photographs Allow Parents To See What Sets Your School Apart

Montessorians are fortunate to have so much to capture in their environments. Our classrooms and materials are beautiful, orderly, natural, and peaceful. Capturing this through photography allows us to share our mission and story with prospective families. We know that there is so much value in parents coming into the classroom space and seeing the work, seeing children concentrating and helping one another, and observing the joy the children have in the classroom. This all can be captured and posted on your school website.

When parents can see what your school does before even booking a tour, they begin to recognize what sets your school apart. They can see that your classrooms are different from those of other early childhood programs. Prospective parents can understand your school’s unique mission and identity through high-quality photographs, so it is definitely worth the investment. 

Great Montessori Photography

5. Photographs Are Aspirational

Photographs allow prospective families to visualize their own child in your school classrooms, which makes them extremely valuable! Montessori schools can utilize photography to give families an idea of the many benefits they can enjoy if they choose to enroll their child. 

One of the most powerful and effective ways to get prospective parents to understand what your school can do for their family is to use great photography. 


An Investment Worth Making

Often times the cost of professional photography makes it tempting for businesses to take photos themselves or find a lower cost alternative to hiring a professional photographer. It is important to remember that photographs are often how parents will form their first impression of your school, so they are well worth the investment.

As a head of school, it can also be overwhelming to find the right photographer and organize a time that works for your community. It takes a unique and experienced eye to capture Montessori effectively. 

Nido Marketing understands the power and value of great photography, and luckily, we have an amazing professional photographer with Montessori knowledge on our team. We are also offering you a unique opportunity to have our photographer come to your school to capture your classrooms, materials, and students for FREE when you sign up for an annual complete marketing plan. Learn more about Nido Marketing’s Montessori Photography services!


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