How Nido Marketing’s Graphic Design Services Got Countryside Day School a Spot in their Local Newspaper

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About Countryside Day School

Countryside Day School was founded in 1967 in Northbrook, Illinois as a Montessori school that offered continuous programs from 16 months through 8th grade, including year-round programs for preschool and elementary students. Countryside has an impressive native Spanish language program that allows students to learn conversational Spanish, as well as experience valuable cultural trips as part of their curriculum. Academic excellence is at the core of their mission and they aim to develop character traits and skills that students will need to succeed beyond their classrooms. Countryside goes above and beyond in serving their community and communicating the benefits and importance of a great Montessori education. 

Why Nido Marketing?

Countryside Day School used to have a teacher who served as their in-house graphic designer. This required the teacher to take on graphic design as an additional workload on top of her classroom work, thus requiring her to use her free time to work on the school's graphic design. While her work was great, it was obvious that her time was better spent doing the work she loved in the classroom with her students. It was time to find some help!

Countryside reached out to Nido Marketing after learning that they were an agency that had a unique understanding of Montessori schools. They offered accessible graphic design services that were quick, reliable, and relevant to the Montessori target consumer (Montessori parents/prospective parents). This was exactly what Countryside was looking for as they wanted to find a way to get high-quality graphic design and branding work for their website, white pages, and local newspaper print ads. 

The Problem: Countryside needed support with their branding and graphic design work. They wanted to find an agency that had an understanding of Montessori that could work with them to create effective designs and advertisements for their school.

The Solution: Nido Marketing offered affordable and reliable graphic design services. With Nido Marketing’s unlimited graphic design services in several of their plans, Countryside was able to submit requests to our Graphic Designer who produced high-quality print ads.

Nido Marketing Makes Sure to Represent Your School!

We understand the true power of visual cues. We also understand that Montessori schools are not like traditional schools. We keep that in mind throughout the design process to make sure that your school is accurately represented in the work we do for you. 

As a Montessorian, you take great care to prepare classrooms that are beautiful and orderly. Your school’s imagery should convey those same values. It builds trust with your parents and gives credibility to your school.


Nido Marketing produced a series of graphic design work for Countryside Day School, including print ads, that they were able to submit to their local newspaper. This allowed Countryside Day School to attract more local families to inquire about their programs and schedule tours. 

We know time is of the essence when it comes to boosting school enrollment at certain periods of the year. Within just one week of the original design request, Nido Marketing's Graphic Designer was able to produce print ads that reflected Countryside Day School's brand, included high-resolution imagery, exact logo color matching, and a design that the client was very happy with. 

We were able to work closely with Countryside to make sure that they were pleased with our final design and that it was reflective of their overall brand, mission, and goal.

"My overall experience with Nido Marketing was great!" -Janeth, Countryside Day School


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