Building relationships with online marketing tools - News You Can Use 2/5/2019

Hi Montessorians,

We have a busy couple months coming up. Nido Marketing is on the road! We will be at the AMI Refresher Course next weekend and the AMS Annual Conference at the end of March. Please stop by and say hi if you're there! Don't forget about our generous referral program, if you find yourself conversing with someone you think could really benefit from our services. 


  • In last week's conversation, we welcomed our first guest speak, John Moran, to talk with us about Google. We discussed the basics of Google search, organic listings, and paid advertisement, among other great pro tips. Google Ad management continues to be Nido's top performing service, mainly because John is our chief strategist! If you missed the call, you can view the recording here.
  • For this week's conversation, Kasim will give us tips on how to build relationships with people we haven't even met yet using online marketing tools. This is something he's very passionate about, so get ready for a lively discussion! You can register for the call here.


We look forward to seeing you call on Thursday, February 7 at 10:30 am PST / 1:30pm EST. Register here or go to

Stay warm everyone and see you soon!

"Of all things, love is the most potent."

-Dr. Maria Montessori


The Nido Marketing Team


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