We welcome our first guest speaker, Google Ads Strategist John Moran - News You Can Use 1/29/2019

Hi Montessorians,

Here is this week's News You Can Use!



If you're fortunate enough to live in the Midwest, you are already experiencing subzero temperatures that are literally bone-chilling. You may have even faced a decision about school closures due to extreme weather. What does your administrative process look like? Daneen asks the question in our NYCU video link here.

  • In last week's conversation, we discussed communicating our Montessori message to prospective parents. Daneen provided some tips on how to connect with parents through empathy, listening, and common ground. We even came up with some great tools Nido will create to support your work with parents! Stay tuned.
  • For this week's conversation we invite John Moran, Solutions 8 chief PPC strategist to talk about all things Google. He has worked with Nido clients since the very beginning and is our go-to guy for everything related to Google. If you've ever had any questions about Google, John can answer them! You can register for the call here.

We look forward to seeing you call on Thursday, January 31 at 10:30 am PST / 1:30pm EST. Register here or go to www.nidomarketing.com/coaching.

Stay warm everyone and see you soon!

The Nido Marketing Team


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