Nido Marketing Style Guide: Blog Contributors

Thank you for your interest in writing for Nido Marketing!

As you may know, Nido Marketing is a digital marketing agency founded by Montessorians for Montessorians. Our goal is to provide Montessori schools with the tools to reach more potential families and ultimately increase enrollment through the use of innovative marketing solutions and proven best practices.

We value our content contributors and want to thank you for taking the time to share your unique experiences and expertise with others in the Montessori community. To ensure the process is as effortless and rewarding as possible, we have put together a brief set of guidelines to help you better understand what we are looking for.



When writing for Nido Marketing, your primary audience is Montessori school directors and educators. Much of their time is allocated to the day-to-day tasks of running a school, which means they likely have very little time to think about their digital marketing strategy.

However, because marketing is critical if they want to achieve their goal of enrolling more students, we want to offer them smart, simple, and easy-to-implement strategies to boost their online visibility and ensure success.



Keep in mind that, although highly intelligent, some Montessorians may not have a keen grasp of certain marketing terms and concepts. If possible, avoid overly technical language and keep your tone conversational, as though you were explaining your topic to someone in person. Think about the challenges your audience may be facing and aim to provide practical solutions they can easily use to overcome those challenges.



Focus on information that provides value to Montessorians and will help them be more successful with their marketing efforts. Topics may include new technology solutions (e.g., marketing automation software) or proven techniques (e.g., utilizing Facebook’s built-in targeting features) that would likely address the pain points specific to Montessori directors: lack of time, limited budget, etc.


Suggested Topics:

  • Digital marketing: lead magnets, landing pages, marketing funnels, trackable links, marketing automation software, and tools such as Google Alerts and MailChimp.

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  • Content marketing: marketing funning content, planning a content calendar, the benefits of engagement.

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  • Paid advertising: Facebook, Google AdWords, and other popular (and proven effective) paid advertising solutions.

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  • Process management: tools that simplify everyday processes (such as scheduling tours).

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  • Search engine marketing: topics such as Google My Business, claiming your Yelp profile.

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  • Web design and management: technical issues, web design tips and tools.

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  • Other: personal stories of success through digital marketing, product comparisons, etc. We are open to new ideas!


Blog Format Guidelines:

  • Include a clear, concise title that quickly tells readers what they can expect.
  • Compose short but relevant blog posts, ideally between 650 and 1,000 words.
  • Provide images and/or examples when applicable.
  • Provide statistics and/or sources when applicable.
  • Include appropriate tips or suggestions the audience can easily take away.
  • Include a brief author bio (a short paragraph is fine) and, if you feel comfortable doing so, an email address so that readers may contact you with questions or comments.


Next Steps:

If you would like to contribute to the Nido Marketing blog, send us an email us at with a title and 2-3 bullet points about your topic. Also, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you think your contribution would be a good fit. If we agree, we will reach out to you to discuss it further and assign a deadline.