How Call Tracking Benefits Your Montessori School Marketing


If you are spending some of your marketing budget on paid advertising, it makes sense to understand what marketing channels are the most successful at producing leads and enrolled families for your Montessori school.

Tracking phone calls plays a vital role in determining which ads are performing well. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about call tracking...

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What is call tracking?

Call tracking software allows us to determine how callers found your school. Marketers (like Nido Marketing!) use call tracking software to attribute phone calls to the advertising campaign that led callers to ring your school. By understanding what makes your phone ring, we can measure which advertising efforts are getting results and use that information to optimize your marketing strategy. This adds up to a higher return on your advertising dollars.

CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) is the call tracking software that we use.

CTM plays a vital role in how we determine which marketing channels are the most successful at producing leads and conversions for your Montessori school. (This process is called marketing attribution.) By allowing us to track and analyze incoming phone calls from your online marketing campaigns, CTM lets us see exactly what’s generating interest and driving calls. From there, we can get a better idea of how to fine-tune your existing campaigns to make sure you’re getting the highest return.

How does call tracking work?

The Google Ads we create for Montessori schools typically include call extensions. A call extension is a small part of the ad that displays a phone number so that a parent can dial right from the ad using their mobile device. This allows parents to engage directly with the ad, removing any friction along the parent's journey to your school.

CTM works by allocating specific tracking phone numbers for each ad; these are either local or toll-free numbers that route to the main phone number for your Montessori school. 

It then matches a paid click to every caller, so that when the phone rings, CTM is able to identify the name of the caller, their phone number and address, which specific ad led to the call, the keywords they used, and even which pages they viewed on your website. 

CTM Backend


In a nutshell, CTM provides an in-depth look at how your click-to-call ads and call-only campaigns are performing, and we can use that information to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Why use a separate call tracking tool when Google Ads has call forwarding?

Primarily because CTM lets us do a lot more than simply track phone calls.

While Google call forwarding provides some details about incoming calls to your school, such as the area code of the caller, the duration of the call, and whether the caller used the mobile click-to-call option or dialed manually, CTM provides additional metrics to better understand the value of every phone call. 

These include:

  • Call recordings
  • Caller insights (including name, number, and location)
  • The caller’s IP address
  • The tracking number the viewer saw on your website
  • The landing page they came in on
  • The last recorded URL they were on before they placed the call
  • All historical interactions with that caller (previous calls, website visits, agent notes, conversions, and ratings) 

Using CTM, we can record, transcribe, and analyze every call to get a better picture of how your ads are performing. This allows us to see which calls are the best fit for your school and to identify areas of improvement within your marketing campaigns. 

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How do we make sure only to count valuable calls as conversions?

The ability to record calls also guarantees that only the calls that are relevant in terms of conversion are counted. 

What do we mean by that? 

Say one of your parents happens to come across an online number used in one of your ads and uses it to call the school to say their child is sick and will be out that day. CTM lets us weed out these calls so they’re not counted as conversions, ultimately giving you a more accurate account of how your ads are performing.

We have a dedicated team member who listens to the phone call recordings and rates them accordingly. If a prospective new parent calls in, he rates it with 5 stars and uploads only these calls as conversions into Google Ads. 

Is the information from the caller safe inside CTM?

Yes, this information is absolutely safe. CTM is committed to taking the responsibility of data collection seriously. CTM complies with the strict European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Additionally, we make sure that everyone who calls through any of the CTM numbers, gets informed before the call starts that this call will be recorded.

We will make use of that information only for conversion tracking purposes and assuring the quality of these.

Does CTM integrate with Google Ads and Google Analytics?

Yes! This means you can easily view and compare the call data from your Montessori school with your other marketing metrics for a big-picture view of which techniques are ultimately helping to schedule more tours and enroll more students. 

In a nutshell, more data means a stronger marketing strategy, which means more enrollments and a better return on the advertising budget for your school.  

More questions about call tracking, or anything else? We’re here to help!

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