Why Northwood Montessori Is Thrilled With Their Nido Marketing Website


About Northwood Montessori School

Northwood Montessori was founded in 1975 by a dedicated group of parents who had a vision of creating a beautiful, rural school with the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. From the beginning, Northwood Montessori was a parent-operated, non-profit school with a board of directors elected from enrolled families. The school has grown over the years and has been able to share the wisdom of Montessori with many families. 

Northwood Montessori

Northwood Montessori is also a proud AMI accredited Montessori school. Their mission is to celebrate each child's individuality and help them discover how they can best contribute to the world. They aim to continue to focus on Dr. Montessori's vision and to help many children in their community thrive in the world of learning. 

Why Nido Marketing

Northwood Montessori needed help with their school website and marketing strategies. As an AMI accredited school, Northwood dedicated their time and focus to upholding Montessori principles to the highest standards for their families. Because Northwood is a small, non-profit school, they found themselves with little time to think about marketing. In their search for marketing support, they struggled to find an agency that really understood the philosophy and value behind Montessori. This was fundamental, as Northwood believed that having a marketing partner that understood Montessori would be able to communicate messages effectively to prospective families. 

When Northwood found out about Nido Marketing, it seemed like the perfect fit! Nido Marketing knows Montessori philosophy and was able to support Northwood's marketing strategies with an understanding that no one else in the market has been able to achieve. 

"The fact that Nido focuses only on Montessori schools made it a very easy decision for us to go them."

- Dolores Vazquez, Administrator at Northwood Montessori

Website Transformation

Northwood Montessori Homepage

Northwood Montessori knew that their website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and not compatible with smartphones or tablets. It was time for a change! They just needed someone they could trust with their brand and mission... luckily, Nido Marketing could help!

Most of Northwood Montessori's leads came through web searches. This meant that for many parents, Northwood's website was their first impression of the school. It was important that their school website reflected their values and the benefits of Montessori education. This meant it needed to be visually beautiful and full of content that was valuable!

Nido Marketing was able to use their knowledge of the unique Montessori space and digital marketing to create a website design that Northwood was very happy with. Here are some unique features that they decided to go with:

Northwood Montessori Programs Screenshot

Programs at a glance!

The homepage is crucial! It is important to be selective about the information you display on this page. Aim to cover the most important elements and avoid cluttering the page with too much content. For Northwood's homepage, Nido's website designer knew what was most important was making tour scheduling simple and including a simple breakdown of the programs and admissions process. Using beautiful visuals and an easy to use format, a "programs at a glance" section is perfectly designed to summarize Northwood's program options quickly and effectively — perfect for the busy parent!

Parents can simply click "Learn More" to learn about the programs they are most interested in. 

Northwood Montessori Tuition Screenshot

Tuition Request Form

Before becoming a Nido Marketing Client, Northwood Montessori posted their tuition online. Little did they know that by doing this, they were missing out on some key leads! Usually, tuition is the first thing that prospective parents really want to know. Schools can use this to their advantage by "gating" tuition and offering it to parents once they hand over their email address! This way, schools can personally reach out to important leads with more information about why Montessori programs are valuable. Instead of simply saying "our school costs this much to go to...", a school can reach out to parents and say "here is the breakdown of our tuition and this is why the value of our education is worth the cost."

By gating their tuition, Northwood Montessori was able to create a great contact list of new leads and schedule more tours! This helped them grow their admissions. 

Northwood Montessori Blog Screenshot

Valuable Content

Website content is important for several reasons... it keeps your website updated, it can help your SEO efforts, and it helps with parenting education. We encourage all schools to have regularly updated school blogs. Northwood Montessori worked with Nido Marketing's Client Success Manager to make sure their blog and website content was always up to date. When they had a new blog post ready to go, Nido was right there to help and update their blog page! When they needed to update their program information, it was easy to get in touch and have the website updated, saving them plenty of valuable time! Northwood Montessori also has access to Nido Marketing's website content, which helped them create effective program descriptions, blogs, website images, and more!

When was the last time you took a look at your school's website content? Consider getting help from a Montessori Marketing expert on great website content!

Northwood Montessori Website Screenshot

Selling Montessori

Nido Marketing believes that Montessori truly sells itself. That is why we are proud to work with Montessori schools that want to grow and serve more families... because all children deserve a great educational foundation. We helped Northwood design a website to tell parents why they should consider a Montessori education. This is where a partnership with a Montessori Marketing agency really paid off for Northwood. Nido Marketing's in-depth knowledge of the space made building pages like this possible. 

More Than Just A Marketing Agency 

The staff at Northwood are thrilled with their new school website, but they are also happy with all of the other ways that Nido Marketing offers support. 

Nido Marketing offered them help throughout the pandemic through resources, weekly Montessori virtual town halls, and an online forum where school administrators could seek advice and support from other Montessori school leaders. As a Nido Marketing client, Northwood gained automatic access to our resource membership site, Montessori Thrive.  Nido Marketing is more than just a marketing agency, it is a strong community as well... One that Northwood is very grateful to have continued support from!

"As an established Montessori School in Houston that was new to marketing, Nido has been extremely helpful in the entire startup process while communicating and educating us along the way. With so many resources for schools, Nido seems more like a community that is eager and ready to help you than just a marketing company. Highly recommend!"

- Chase Lahrmann, Office Manager at Northwood Montessori 


Nido Marketing looks forward to a continued partnership with Northwood Montessori. Since becoming a client, Northwood has grown their enrollment and opened a brand new Toddler program that started a waitlist within one year of opening!

"Since our new website with Nido we have seen an increase in tours, calls, and new admissions. Traffic overall has increased even through the pandemic."

- Dolores Vazquez, Administrator at Northwood Montessori 


Is It Time For Your School To Get A Website Update?

Do you wish to see your Montessori school grow its enrollment? An updated website could be the answer! 

Learn more about how Nido Marketing can help by scheduling a free consultation call with a Montessori Marketing expert, no strings attached! 


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