How White Bear Montessori Received a Whopping 12 New Applications in Just One Month!


Key Highlights

  • Increased Enrollment
  • Stronger Community Awareness
  • Optimized Online Presence

About White Bear Montessori School

White Bear Montessori School (WBMS) was founded in 1970 by a group of parents in White Bear Lake, Minnesota who were concerned about providing their children with a quality early childhood educational experience. They began their journey with just one classroom, utilizing the curriculum designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Using the Montessori Method, White Bear Montessori’s reputation for excellence grew and led to increasing demand for more space for more children. In 1998, they were able to open a larger building and they continue to grow today.

WBMS became an AMI-recognized school in 1999 and their goal is to provide the highest quality Montessori education for their community. Over 3000 children have been educated at White Bear since their doors first opened and many of them return later in life to enroll their own children or to join the staff at their beloved school.

Why Did White Bear Montessori Partner with Nido Marketing?

As WBMS grew their school, higher enrollment became an increasingly important goal for them. WBMS reached out to Nido Marketing to see how they could improve their enrollment numbers while still attracting mission-appropriate families to their school. They were looking for the right marketing agency to run Google Ads for them for the first time in ten years. When they came across Nido Marketing, they were excited to find an agency specifically devoted to Montessori schools. Nido Marketing possessed the specific knowledge and expertise… and they were backed by the incredible Google Ads agency powerhouse, Solutions 8!

The Problem: How can we boost enrollment numbers and attract the right families to our school?

Nido Marketing’s Solution: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

With a unique understanding of Montessori school digital marketing combined with Solutions 8's expertise in Google Ads, Nido Marketing created a specialized Dynamic Search Ad campaign for White Bear Montessori.

Content.  A Landing Page with Purpose.

Dynamic search ads automatically show ads based on your website content. The Nido Marketing team was able to optimize WBMS's website with their unique understanding of Montessori by tweaking the content on the website itself, thus optimizing the performance of the Dynamic Search Ads campaign.

Relevancy.  Targeting Your Audience.

Dynamic Search Ads are based on relevancy. It might sound obvious, but you have to know who your target audience is. Nido Marketing used the correct language in the program descriptions and positioned the ads to resonate with prospective parents. 

Control.  Constant Testing.

The Nido Marketing Google Ads team closely monitored the performance of the Google Ads, constantly testing new keywords and finding new ways to make the website run more efficiently.  

Budgeting. Making the Most of Your Ad Spend

Nido Marketing worked with WBMS to determine a Google Ads budget that would result in a high return on investment. We did this by keeping a close eye on the ad spend and targeting families that are shown to have a high likelihood of enrollment. 

The Results

Nido Marketing was able to exceed all of the targets they set when they first developed their DSA strategy, resulting in a boom in WBMS’s enrollment in January 2021. For the first time since opening their doors, WBM received a whopping 12 new applications in just one month alone!

This happened thanks to:

A total of 26 online conversions (a 271.4% increase from the previous month)
A 9.8% overall conversion rate (a 155.5% increase compared to the previous month)

These conversions represent the measurable data taken from Nido Marketing’s Google Ads campaigns. There are several benefits for WBMS that go beyond the data, such as more recognition, a stronger reputation within their community, and more time to focus on the families they serve. Nido Marketing continues to set high-performance targets for White Bear Montessori so they can see their enrollment grow each year!

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