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My name is Matt Hillis and I am the Executive Director of the Bergamo Montessori School in Sacramento, California.  Our school was founded in 1975 by a passionate Montessorian who, for decades, led a small but mighty program for children from Primary through Elementary.

Like you, she struggled with doing it all - working with guides, interfacing with parents, giving tours, and doing all the “little things” that are the day-to day reality of running a Montessori school.


Marketing was always last on the list.  For years, a display ad in the phone book would suffice and the phone would ring just enough to keep a steady flow of parents to the school.

Oh, but times have changed!

In 2017, the yellow pages are dead.  Competition from other programs continues to increase.  New parents spend the majority of their day online.  In order for your school to survive, you have to promote yourself in a new and radical way.

But how do you start?

I joined the school in 2004 with a unique perspective as a Montessori alumnus and recently trained Montessori guide.  After realizing that my true talents were in supporting the school outside of the classroom, I began to focus on growing the school, specifically with digital marketing.  

The result?  Our school has grown exponentially to nearly 500 children.   In that time I have made some big mistakes and have had some outstanding successes.   Through those successes and failures, I developed an extraordinary library of tools, knowledge and relationships that have all helped our Montessori school grow like a weed.  


The purpose of Nido Marketing is to share what I have learned with you.  We are the only marketing agency in the world founded by a Montessorian to focus exclusively on Montessori schools.

As you know, admissions is the key to leading a vibrant Montessori school.  If you’re ready to attract more potential parents, schedule more tours and increase enrollment, click below to get started.

Have you ever asked yourself:


  • What are successful Montessori schools doing to improve admissions?
  • How can I explain the benefits of Montessori educations to interested parents?
  • What’s the best way to stay connected with potential parents in the admissions process? 
  • How do I manage our website so that we stay relevant?
  • What tools should I use so that my parents can find us easily online? 
  • What should I post on our social media accounts to drive admissions? 
  • Is there someone who can just do all of this stuff for me?


Just like Montessori, Nido Marketing defies convention.  We built our entire agency model around the unique needs of Montessori schools.

Nido Marketing was developed by Montessorians, for Montessorians. Our team is actively involved in managing and marketing Montessori schools. Everything we offer has been developed through experimentation and real world experience.

We help you to:

  • Establish your school as a trusted resource for parents
  • Develop a connection with prospective families
  • Increase awareness of your school in the local community
  • Develop a steady pipeline of inquiries and tours
  • Improve your enrollment and retention

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Over 11 years, Solutions 8 has helped more than 500 organizations grow and scale using their proven digital marketing process. They are the driving force behind Nido Marketing, providing digital marketing knowledge and insights from years of experience so that Montessori Schools like yours can grow and reach their full potential.

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No, you can cancel at anytime. Forum access is free though, so why would you ever want to cancel?

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