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  • Nido Marketing

    “Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore your site and your resources. The videos are well prepared and a length that allows for a quick overview to know what it available. Sometimes we don't even know what questions we have about marketing and your material creates the question and answer in one step!”

    Head of School, Mountain Shadows Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “We are benefiting so much from the past few weeks working with you. I feel comfortable knowing that the courses, content, and suggested language have been vetted by a Montessori professional. We don't have to try and tailor a general marketing plan to fit our school. It already fits our school.””

    Head of School, Wheaton Montessori

  • Nido Marketing

    “What a gift! Thank you! I have found everything about Nido Marketing to be such an eye opener! What I love is that you are looking at marketing specifically from a Montessori lens. As a small school administrator without any real business experience, your courses and resources have not only given me food for thought but ideas for action.”

    Head of School, Lupine Montessori