Montessori Parenting Series

We’re excited to offer a series of Parent Education online events, featuring guest speakers who are experts in applying Montessori principles to parenting. We know that children thrive when home and school work in partnership. We hope you will join us, ask questions, learn, and gain support for your journey as a Montessori parent.

Offered every Wednesday Evening on Zoom
April 7th through April 28th, 2021

  • Eastern: 8:00 PM
  • Central: 7:00 PM
  • Mountain: 6:00 PM
  • Pacific: 5:00 PM
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April 7, 2021

Montessori at Home: Creating Environments for Independence

Dolores Vazquez

An AMI Montessori Primary guide since 2006 and an administrator since 2009 at Northwood Montessori, Dolores Vazquez has been working closely with Montessori parents for years. She is passionate about educating parents on Montessori Philosophy and how they can implement Montessori into their home lives. Dolores will be leading a discussion on creating Montessori environments at home. She will be sharing tips on how you can make each room in your house support your child's growth.   More about Dolores »



April 14, 2021

Montessori as an Aid to Life

Mary Lou Cobb

Mary Lou Cobb was the Founder and Head of The Cobb School, Montessori in Simsbury, CT for 45 years. She received her Montessori Primary Diploma in 1964 and taught for over 30 years before stepping out of the classroom to focus on administration and growing The Cobb School into a thriving, internationally recognized, and respected school. Mary Lou is a founding board member of The Montessori Administrators Association (MAA), the Montessori Training Center of New England (MTCNE), and the Montessori Schools of Connecticut (MSC). She continues to serve on these boards. Mary Lou will share her experiences with Montessori from a lifelong perspective. Montessori goes beyond the childhood years, serving us well into adulthood. She will be sharing her experiences on how Montessori can truly be an Aid to Life. More about Mary Lou »


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April 21, 2021

Stop Surviving Parenting & Thrive Start Thriving At It!

Lorena Seidel

Lorena Seidel M.Ed. helps dedicated parents who are trying to discipline peacefully but struggle to make it work. They get stuck in negative cycles of interactions with their children that create disconnection, fights, and stress. She teaches them how to create a positive cycle of interaction with their child so that they can finally create, sustain, and repair connection and harmony in the home. Lorena is a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) specialist, a certified Montessori teacher, a trained Positive Discipline Educator, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and a mother of three. She has helped thousands of parents and teachers stay strong, calm, and remain effective even under the most stressful moments. Lorena has guided them to develop their children's social and emotional skills, and she has helped improve the home life and parent to child relationships of hundreds of families! Lorena is also the author of "The Purposeful Child: A Quick and Practical Parenting Guide to Creating the Optimal Home Environment for Young Children".More about Lorena » 



April 28, 2021

Positive Discipline Throughout the Years

Yogi Patel

Yogi Patel is the founder of Heartfelt Parenting, a Positive Discipline and Montessori consultancy, and the former Director and owner of Kinderhouse Montessori School. She serves as an advisor on the board of the Trunks & Leaves organization. She visited Sri Lanka to support Montessori schools near the national reserve that supports Elephants with the scientists' help. Her passion is educating and nurturing children and offering personal guidance for parents and educators. Fueled by her passion, Yogi offers Positive Discipline seminars and educational training to teachers, parents, and children of all ages. Before Yogi became a Certified Montessori Teacher and a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, she managed businesses and led an employee training program for one of PepsiCo’s restaurant chains. Here in San Diego, Yogi completed the Association Montessori Internationale training program and founded her first Montessori School in 2001, later expanding to a second location in 2008. Yogi will be joining us for a discussion on positive discipline throughout the years. More about Yogi »