Referral Program | News You Can Use 09/19/2018

Fall is well underway and we are continuing our conversation about growing admissions. This week we will talk about referral programs. We've had a few inquiries about this topic so we're excited to share it with you!



During last week's coaching call we discussed community engagement. Our community manager Daneen lead the charge and brought up many ideas for us to consider as we grow our presence as a thought-leader in our communities. It was a lively discussion so if you missed it, be sure to check it out here!

Our community forum is a great place to connect with other Montessorians like you! With over 400 members, this is a great place to share ideas, struggles, or just get some camaraderie as you navigate the road to marketing your school. If you have questions or something to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to our member-base on this platform!

This week's call about referral programs will surely be informative and useful, so please join us Thursday at 10:30 PST / 1:30pm EST. Register here or go to:

See you all tomorrow on our call!

-Matt Hillis


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