Community Engagement | News You Can Use 09/11/2018

Montessorians know to expect the unexpected, and last week we experienced just that! Our technical difficulties gave us an open opportunity to hear what our members are experiencing and great questions were posed.



We are considering offering a live open forum for our coaching call on a regular basis. If you feel this would be beneficial for you, please let us know here.

If you would like to view our open forum coaching call from last week, go here!

This week's coaching call we will have Daneen, our community manager, discuss Community Engagement and it's importance to marketing your school. She will offer a unique perspective with her background in nonprofit management, social justice, and of course, her Montessori experience! If you'd like to attend, be sure to come with questions and ideas and don't forget to register here.

I'm excited that Nido is offering a new course on Google Ads, our highest conversion platform yet. While it tends to be the most costly, we see the highest rate of conversions!

Our October content is ready to download in our resources section. You can use these as-is or you can modify to fit your school. This can be so helpful when you're not sure what to post or send out for the upcoming month!

I'm looking forward to our call on Thursday 10:30am CST / 1:30pm EST. To register, go here.

See you soon!

-Matt Hillis


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