Where do I start! Matt's Montessori News You Can Use | 5/16/2018

Nido Marketing has nearly 400 members and we aren't even 6 months into our launch!
We make it a point to ask for feedback from our members and have noticed a recurring theme:
I don't know where to start!
Is that you? If so, I have great news.
I'm pleased to announce our new coaching calls. 
I'll be spending one hour every week, going over my proprietary system: The Montessori Marketing Method.
This is the exact marketing strategy I use in my schools.
I have broken it up into bite-sized pieces and will be reviewing it one lesson at a time every week on our coaching calls. 
The best part is that I'm doing this LIVE! So you'll have the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and get involved. 
I'm hoping that this will act as your roadmap to help guide you along the way through your marketing journey.
Coaching calls will be held every Thursday at 10:30am PST


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