News You Can Use 5/9/2018 - New Course, New Calendly Features, And New Coaching Calls!

Hello fellow Montessorians,
We've got 3 announcements for you this week!
1) We launched another new course this week called "Calendly: How to Embed Calendly On Your Website"!
2) Calendly has released a new feature that now allows you to automatically send out email and text message reminders to parents that have scheduled a tour with you. This is great, because it allows you to remind parents about their appointment, and helps reduce the amount of "no-shows".
3) This Thursday, during our new "coaching calls", we're going to be covering the Montessori Admissions Funnel. You won't want to miss this!
-Matt Hillis
Don't forget, we host weekly office hours every Thursday at 10:30am PST. To register, please visit:


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