News You Can Use 4/18/2018 - New Tools In The Works!

Hello fellow Montessorians,

This week, we have 2 earth-shatteringly great topics to cover. 2 things that will hopefully make your life a whole lot easier.


Earth-shatteringly great topic number 1: Ontraport.

Ontraport is an email automation system and CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that is designed with simplicity in mind. However, do not mistake simplicity with being “simple”. Ontraport’s true power is in being able to create authentic relationships with parents in your database, on an automated basis. Ontraport allows your email follow up to be “behaviorally dynamic”. In other words, it allows you to send targeted messages to people in your database, instead of generic content. This is huge. The ability to automatically send targeted content to people, in your database, allows you to keep the relationship you have with your list fresh, and friendly.

For more information, peruse through our new article ONTRAPORT: Complete Marketing Automation for Your School at your leisure.

Earth-shatteringly great topic number 2: The Nido Forum.

We’ve had a lot of great questions in our forums about various topics this week! We highly encourage those of you who have yet to partake in the forums to give them a try. There’s a lot of great information that gets exchanged there. Click here to visit the forum.

Matt Hillis


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