News You Can Use 4/4/2018 - Boosted Posts, Website Image Sliders, and New May Content

Hello fellow Montessorians, 
We’ve got 3 (that’s right! 3!) tips for you this week. In this week’s edition of News You Can Use, we’re going to cover boosted posts on Facebook, sliding headers on your website, and the new content available to you in the Resources section of the website.
Boosted Posts on Facebook - Do they work? Are they the most leverage use of your time and advertising budget? Find out in a new article we have titled, “Boosted Posts: Do They Really Matter?”.
Sliding Header Images on your website - We get it. They look pretty cool, don’t they? However, this seemingly awesome is feature is not-so-awesome once you realize that this one thing could be costing your school enrollments. Read “Why Sliding Header Images Are Costing You Enrollments” to find out more.
May Content - We’ve just updated the Resources Section on the website to include new blog articles, emails, and social posts for the month of May. Click here to check out what's new.
Matt Hillis
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