News You Can Use 3/27/2018 - Custom Audiences and Facebook Pages

Hello fellow Montessorians, 

This week’s News You Can Use is hot off the press! Today we're going to talk about a couple hidden gems that lie within Facebook. 

  1. Custom Audiences - Have you ever wondered how you can market to a hyperfocused group of people, who are the most likely to listen and love what you share with them, while limiting the amount of money you use on a less effective audience? Building and advertising to Custom Audiences is how you accomplish this. Check out this article for a more in-depth look at this spectacular feature. 
  2. Facebook Business Page Course - Building your school's Facebook presence is a great way to build your school's online community. Whether it be further enhancing your online communication with current parents or building trust with future parents, using your Facebook Page to its maximum capabilities is a must. Check out the "Facebook Business Page: Engage with Parents and Improve Your Online Reputation" course to learn more. 

Matt Hillis


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