Turn Everyday Email Into Marketing Collateral in 10 Minutes

Hello to my fellow Montessori friends and colleagues!

It's Tuesday.  It's time for some "News You Can Use" from Nido Marketing!


Tip #1:

Do you use a graphic designer?  Save time and money by using this nifty little program called Canva.  It creates BEAUTIFUL designs and is drop dead simple to use.  I created the posters for our Elementary Information Night in about 25 minutes.  We have a tutorial for Canva available in the "Courses" section of NidoMarketing.com

Bonus tip:  The Costco Photo Center offers the cheapest printing rates you can find for posters, flyers etc - with a 24 hour turn around time!

Tip #2:  

Check out this new blog post on NidoMarketing.com on how to use email signatures to amplify your message.  If you're like me, you send out too many emails to count on a daily basis.  Why not market to these recipients as well?  

Bonus tip:  we have a course in the member section of Nido that teaches you how to use WiseStamp (for free!) to create an awesome email signature.

Tip #3:  

Matt and Kasim - the founders of Nido - will be at the AMI Refresher Course in February and the AMS Conference in March.  We have time set aside to meet individually with school leaders to talk about their marketing challenges.  Let's have a cup of coffee and discuss how you can boost inquiries and admissions.  There is no cost, no commitment and no catch.  We want to be a resource to the Montessori community - and we do that by building relationships one on one.

If you're going to be at either of these events, drop us a line and we will schedule a time to meet.

I hope to see you all at our office hours this week at 10:30 AM PST/1:30 PM EST.  Bring us any and all marketing questions and we will help you solve them, in real time!


Matt Hillis
Executive Director


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