What will you do when (not if) your website goes down? - Weekly Update from Matt Hillis



The children have returned to school from Winter Break here in Sacramento and we are as busy as ever.  How are you doing in your neck of the woods?


Here is my weekly video blog to provide you with a birds eye view of everything happening at NidoMarketing.com.  



Blog Post of the Week - "Why We Can't Afford to Be Afraid"

Kasim (my partner and co founder of Nido) wrote a thought provoking piece on our blog.


In the few short weeks that Nido has been live, we have surpassed 100 members; in our discussions with Montessorians across the country we have noticed a definite trend:  Montessorians are afraid to market their schools.


Some worry it will be intrusive,  Others don't want to sound like a salesperson.  Regardless of the reason, the data is clear:  Montessorians tend towards inaction when it comes to digital marketing.


Here's the cold, hard truth:  all of your competitors will be filling the inboxes of parents in your community with compelling reasons to enroll.  It's your job to provide a counter argument for Montessori.


Read more from Kasim here.


Nido Course of the Week:  The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

Taught by Stephen, our Community Manager at Nido, this course is a great first entry into the wild west of digital marketing.  He will teach you everything you need to know about the basics, from terminology to an action plan.


Bonus: did you know that all of courses have a commenting feature?  If you have a question about any of the information in a particular video, leave a comment and a member of our team will provide context and assistance.  It truly does take a village and we are here to help!


Matt's Tip of the Week

Our website went down a few weeks back.  It could have been a catastrophe to have the site down with paid advertising running during the busy admissions season in January.


With a quick email, however, the team at Nido solved the problem and had the site back online without missing a beat... and this was at 5 PM on a Friday!


What will you do when (not if!) your site goes down.  Who will you call?


Remember, plane 3 and 4 membership includes a school website with hosting, maintenance, and emergency service.  We will always be here, ready to helped when needed,


Have a great week everyone!


Warm Regards,

Matt Hillis


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